Any LGBT+ manga that doesn't have dub-con or rape?

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    Well, you are right, I just remembered one real rape. In Finder Akihito and the Russian mob. Funnily enough, this rape confirms that the rapes by the other protagonists (Asami and Feilong) is different. Akihito falls in love with Asami and likes and respects Feilong.
    There are qiute a lot of stories where we can see children being abused in their families in their background stories, these do deal with the emotional impact to a certain level.
    But the majority are just quite a lot of those "rape"-turning in the relationship stories?
    What I have a bigger problem with are age gaps where one of the protagonists is a child being kind of groomed to stay and fall in love with an adult in their vicinity. When I take Junjou Romantica (and that is a mild one, can´t remember the others), the younger one is supposed to be a high school student but acts like an 8 year old. And no matter how many "cute" and funny moments there are and that the characters are likeable it is still something cringy. In our culture it is a no-no since it kind of leaves you with no choice? Using the fact that the child just has to rely on somebody.
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    I've read about 500 yaoi manga and most have some kind of non-consensual sex sadly :(

    I would recommend these which are great and only have consensual sex:

    My top 3:
    Eigyou Nika! (Read at least 10x, just love this manga so much!)
    Doushitemou Furetakunai (The characters are great and so vulnerable, def recommend!)
    Neon Sign Amber (Great manga, you feel with the characters)

    With kids:
    Danshi Koukouseiteki Kazoku Keikaku! (Cutest manga ever, gives you diabetes :P)
    Sorenari ni Shinken Nandesu (Beautiful manga, can only recommend)

    Seven Days (Cute BL manga, heart-warming)

    High School:
    Rutta to Kodama (My first yaoi manga, good characters and nice plot)
    Ouji-sama ni Narenai (This one is quite short, but still cute)

    Koi no Annainin (Read this one many times as well, cute and short)
    Mr Convenience (Loved it, character development on point and it's cute)
    Secret XXX (Yaoi, bunnies, what could you want more?)
    Harapeko Usagi to Koisuru Ookami (Loved the characters in this one, plot is nice)

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    I'm your friend bro, check Canis series it's best gay romance you can find in that rotten BL tag also Umibe no Étranger and it's sequel are nice little romance story
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    Can we have a consent tag for sexual manga/anime then?
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    Here some only consensual recs mate, I know I'm a little late to the party but oh well.

    BL not yaoi:
    Sasaki and Miyano- as far as the English translation goes there's no sex at all. It does have slight unrequited love and one charecter on occasion acts overprotective which I feel is outta line. Not sure if that's a no for you or not.
    Given- Really really amazing story 10000/10. All consensual until one scene in the 6th? volume I think. It is out of charecter for the perpetrator. No penetrarion, and he stops pretty quickly.
    My Summer of You- Really cute and romantic. To the best of my memory nothing remotely unconsensual.

    LGBT manga not yaoi:
    Boys Run the Riot- about a trans boy starting his own clothing brand.
    Our Dreams at Dusk- a gay kid who finds a safe space and safe people amongst an unaccepting town.

    There's more that are actually yaoi, I just just can't remember if they are fully consensual or not. Ima double check and start a list of consensual yaoi/yuri.
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    I really really wouldn't classify 50x50 as consensual. I think it's pretty heavy into dubcon.
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    ^ this mangaka has a cute style, generally soft relationships


    fluffy *

    mostly sweet but more dramatic

    darker *

    involves sexual abuse, but might provoke interest anyway:
    one of the MCs was sexually abused in the past as a child, but it's presented as harrowing. the main relationship does not involve dubious themes.

    *the ones with stars it's been awhile since I've read, but I'm pretty sure





    the two trans stories I usually rec both involve dubcon at moments, sort of. one with an adult groping a minor accidentally, and the other with a sexual abuse survivor who invades other people's boundaries at times... so I can't rec them in full confidence.

    but this one works

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    Since this thread has been revived, I have more suggestions to offer on the bl front:

    - One Room Angel
    - Tsubaki's Diary
    - Our Not-So-Lonely Planet Travel Guide
    - Short Distance Love
    - Life in Our Hometown with Me & You
    - Snip, Snail, & Puppy Dog Tails
    - While Being Seen Off by Campanella

    More on the supernatural side where the relationships are a bit odd but any sex is purely consensual:
    - The Dragon's Husband (arranged marriage between a dragon and a human after the dragon agrees to rescue a troubled kingdom only in exchange for the kingdom's general)
    - The Cat Proposed (a man is technically conned into a relationship with a bakeneko but nothing happens until they've talked it out)
    - See you later, Mermaid (guy with the ability to magically control people is worried that he can't have a real relationship with the man he loves, but they work it out)
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    Thank you! I appreciate that.
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    I've read some of these like Our Dreams at Dusk and Boys Run the Riot, they're really good. I think I know one of the trans stories your talking about, Wandering Son, right? That one is terrible it condones predatory behavior.
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    Wandering Son is one of them, but I really like Wandering Son and normally would rec it. I just would be hesitant to recommend it to OP given the thread.

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