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Discussion in 'Completed Requests' started by Blackysensei, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. Blackysensei

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    Is there a way a filter can be added so you would be able to check what anime this certain person is working on this season. If the filter engine is the same in the whole site, so you would be able to filter the works of this person by tag. Would be even better.
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  2. D4RKS3NS3I

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    You can technically do that if you mix the "Staff" and "Year/Season" tags. Like this:
    Thing is, for what I have tried, the "Staff" tags don't seem to work. If you click on the apply filters, it will act like if the "Staff" tag didn't exist and will show you only the "Fall 2020" anime. Same goes if you only put the "Staff" tag, it will show you the default list. So yeah, dev team, fix that please :( xd. See attached:
  3. Blackysensei

    Blackysensei Member

    I wasn't aware of that way, but you are definitely correct. It's not working. I thought that it will be included but not shown, but no. It actually shows all those in that season. Thanks for the reply though. I will ask in discord about the staff tag
  4. ChalamiuS

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    That was a bug and has been fixed, it does filter now.
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