Another large batch of new anime and manga tags is up! Photography, Gods, Mythology tags, and more.

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    Hi all,

    We've added a another substantial amount of new anime and manga tags recently. As a reminder, you can post suggestions for new tags, as well as anime/manga that are missing specific tags, in the tag section of the forum. Help out by posting missing ones in the above section! Some of the tags are still a bit thin.

    And remember that you can check out recently added tags anytime by using the "date added" sort on the tags page.

    As with the other recent batch of tags added, some of the tags are undoubtedly more popular in manga than in anime, especially for some of the "person" tags (like Playboys or Sheikhs, both of which are incredibly common in Harlequin manga). Others, like Orphans, Secret Identity, and Youkai, were already character tags, but are now anime/manga tags as well.

    We especially wanted to focus on fleshing out "god" type tags this time (mythology, gods, sub-branches of religion) and would love your help with suggesting missing titles.


    These manga focus on photography, the practice of taking and processing photographs. Characters in these shows may be professional or amateur photographers, or voyeurs who take pictures of others without their consent.


    Characters in these manga receive an inheritance, typically from a relative who has passed away, and gifted them with riches, a mansion, or some other form of property. Common manga themes include receiving the inheritance, such as having to move to a new house; stipulations about the inheritance, such as having to marry; or squabbles amongst family members to split up the inheritance.


    These manga feature playboys: men who have frequent and varied sexual or romantic partners. Playboys are typically smooth-talking players who have no problems getting attention from anyone they desire. The manga might focus on a Romance between a playboy and another, or simply on the playboy and how they live their lifestyle.


    These manga feature sheikhs. The term means different things in different regions, such as male leaders of an Arab family or village, wealthy or influential members of Arab society, or royalty.


    Journalism is the focus of these manga. Characters may be news anchors, photojournalists or reportersthat work in the field, or people who work in a career involving newspapers, magazines, or other related areas.

    Human Experimentation

    Characters in these manga are the result of human experimentation. They have been biologically, chemically, or genetically altered through experiments, and may have Superpowers, Psychic Powers, or other innate abilities or characteristics due to the experimentation.

    Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

    These manga focus on a relationship between students who are in different grade levels. Upperclassmen are known as "senpai" (先輩), while underclassmen are referred to as "kouhai" (後輩). Notice me, senpai!

    Family Life

    These manga focus on interaction between family members, whether they are living their everyday lives together in peace, grieving together after a loss, or adjusting to changes such as moving to a new home, divorce, remarriage, or facing unexpected challenges together.


    These manga feature deities - gods or goddesses - as main characters. The gods may be based on a form of mythology such as Greek or Norse, or they may be fictional deities. Manga with gods may focus on a God-Human Relationship.

    Greek Mythology

    These manga reference Greek mythology: a collection of myths involving famous Greek Gods, such as Zeus, Hades and Athena; or stories of mythological Greek figures such as Hercules, Odysseus, or Achilles. The manga may take place in Greece.

    Norse Mythology

    These manga reference Norse mythology: a collection of myths involving famous Norse Gods, such as Odin, Thor, or Loki; or stories of mythological Norse figures such as Fenrir, Sigurd, or Jormungandr.

    Egyptian Mythology

    These manga reference Egyptian mythology: a collection of myths involving famous Egyptian Gods, such as Ra, Anubis, or Bastet. Other well-known examples include the lion-bodied sphinx, the Egyptian Afterlife, and the tale of Isis and Osiris.


    These manga have themes related to the Religion of Christianity. They may focus on the life of Jesus or other historical Christian religious figures, showcase stories from the Bible, or show other aspects of Christian life, such as becoming a priest or nun.


    These manga have themes related to the Religion of Buddhism, and may focus on the life of the historical Buddha or other historical Buddhist religious figures; or showcase different aspects of Buddhist life, such as learning the Dharma, or becoming a Buddhist monk or nun.


    These anime feature orphans: characters that were orphaned when both of their birth parents died. They may be Siblings who were orphaned together.

    Secret Identity

    Characters in these anime have a secret identity: they live a double life. Examples include Thieves, masked superheroes, and magical girls.


    These anime feature Youkai: Supernatural spirits that originate from Japanese Folklore. Common examples include the Kappa, Kitsune, and Yuki-onna.


    These Promotional anime were made to promote tourism for a specific country, city, or location. They might show on-site locations, describe historical facts, or showcase food, shopping and other activities.


    These anime are a part of the Leijiverse: a term used to describe anime and manga that are a part of the same universe created by, or heavily influenced by, Leiji Matsumoto. Titles in the Leijiverse can be directly connected through shared characters or places, or can be loosely connected through common themes or concepts.

    Location tags

    Thanks, as always, for your continued support of Anime-Planet! Make sure you tell your friends about the awesome new tags here! :drinking:
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