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Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. WolfAngelus

    WolfAngelus Well-Known Member

    2 Questions or otherwise suggestions:

    1) How do we change the 4 Anime it picks for the banner, it literally picked like 2 Anime and their OVAs? Was hoping to pick some titles with good artwork imagery for this. An option to select/checkmark the 4 it shows perhaps?
    2) It randomly added 1098 anime to my challenge list which seems to be the same (or is the same?) as my want to watch list. How can one remove additions to create only a list for more relevant stuff? I wouldn't want to play with my want to watch list since I spent hours researching for stuff I want to see eventually rather than finding a new Anime every few days. So maybe an option to create the list like you would a custom list?
  2. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    I was ready to reply with 'this is covered in the first post' for the second question, but as it turns out it's not! I blame that on xenforo eating the announcement thread when I was 85% done with it, and I then had to recreate it from memory. Must have left that extremely crucial piece of information out the second time :(

    I'll edit this into the first post later, but the short answer is that no, at this time you can't change what shows up there for feasability reasons (on the implementation end). The 'plans to complete' section automatically shows titles marked want to watch or watching - the only time this ends up looking a bit strange is for the yearly challenge, if you're a person like me (or you) who marks a looooot of things want to watch. For seasonal challenges, or the upcoming monthlies, the titles to choose from are limited so it wont look as strange.

    The half glass full way of looking at it is that you can potentially clean up that W2W list :) some have mentioned this, how it's been a great spring cleaning opportunity. I personally am going to do that with mine, as tons of these have been on W2W/W2R for 10 years.

    For the first question, the banners display the most recently updated 4 titles as part of the challenge. So, those are the 4 you marked most recently. The images are cached so it will recreate itself frequently.
  3. WolfAngelus

    WolfAngelus Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I have had that happen to me too when writing reviews, I will write the review, hit submit and get "error" because it decided to randomly log me out WHILE writing the review, having to re-write the entire thing, grrrr.

    I tried my best to read through before asking and bugging you. Well, it's not a big deal then. I definitely wouldn't want to delete my want to watches just for it not looking like I'm some crazy Anime person who watches 24/7. Being an indecisive person myself, and incredibly organized, I prefer to devote a few hours a few times a year to "stocking up", as it just takes me way to long (sometimes hours) to look through my list even and just pick my next Anime from stuff I narrowed down to actually wanting to see.
  4. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    For what it's worth we've been trying to come up with potential ideas on how to get around this. One floated idea is to output want to watch/watching BEFORE a challenge starts, but to change it to 'watching' only once the challenge starts. imo this might be a decent solution, mostly because we do think people will want to share seasonal challenges before they get started. I know I'd personally still have way too much of a watching list (like 99% of which are actually stalled so I just need to switch the status), but probably most people have their watching list more under control than want to watch.
  5. WolfAngelus

    WolfAngelus Well-Known Member

    If I may offer up another idea. How about another tab called "Watching Challenges". It would be just like any others, except here you stick in stuff purely for the challenge. Then you could have the challenges list pull from that tab rather than "watch to watch". Since you have most of the work done (and I am only familiar with HTML coding), but wouldn't that be a simple alternative since making a new "watch" category would be simple I imagine, and so would asking the challenge to pull from a different list.
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  6. So tempted to join, but hooomeewoork. Yuck. Eh, ill probably join anyways *shrug*
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  7. chad28

    chad28 Active Member

    oh i just remembered you can do the studio badges and magazine badges with this challenge feature too. that would be dope.
  8. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    The yearly challenges last the entire 2018 year, and the minimum to watch/read are very low, so joining can't hurt :)
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  9. thor123

    thor123 Well-Known Member

    The reading challenge should totally be counted in mango though, instead of dango.
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  10. worknboy

    worknboy Well-Known Member

    Do we have list of the winter 2018 release dates? CR has not put up anything as of now, but I 'd like to plan out when this will start in earnest.
  11. Lizi

    Lizi New Member

    Posted by Lizi on Dec 27, 2017
    I found this on anime season chart on anime menu, i believe its the winter 2018 list on upcoming:
  12. SandRose

    SandRose Active Member

    Is there any news as to when this will end? Because I will have a rough start, nd I'm going abroad from the 30th to the 6th, which means I will miss an entire week of anime watching
  13. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    Yearly is the entire calendar year. Seasonal are the specific season.
  14. SandRose

    SandRose Active Member

    Great! Thanks!
  15. RedMaw

    RedMaw Member

    It seems to have been already brought up but the initial feedback I was going to leave yesterday before I got distracted was that you should add the end date or time to the challenge page. It would probably fit nicely right under the "Starts in <x> days" message.

    I still trail a season or two behind so I won't be able to participate in the seasonal challenges it seems, but overall I like the idea. Looks like a more integrated and formal implementation of the challenge things that I saw in the forums periodically (which was probably one of your goals).
  16. ChalamiuS

    ChalamiuS Squisher of Bugs Developer Silver Supporter

    After the challenge starts it'll say how many days are left.
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  17. CaptainSlow

    CaptainSlow Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiousity, are there any plans to link or "adapt" some of the badges to this new challenges system?
    (e.g. the Stuck in the Madhouse badge triggering when you've completed the related opt-in Madhouse challenge, having specific challenges link to the more "esoteric" badges like "...Huh?!" and "Bizzaro", maybe having new challenges that award you with a brand new badge)
  18. TheRealAlexMade

    TheRealAlexMade New Member

    So, I'm not sure if I am missing something or if perhaps there just isn't a good way to handle this - I found a few series that I had finished a few years back and added them to my list as having been completed, didn't think about it until afterwords that they would apply to the challenge.

    Is there a way to exclude a particular item from the challenge when adding it to my watched list?
  19. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    Posted by Rascal on Jan 1, 2018
    leave the challenge, add the stuff, then join it again. it might work.
  20. TheRealAlexMade

    TheRealAlexMade New Member

    I thought about it, but was concerned it would undo the progress I have already made.

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