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    I was reflecting over my favorite anime to see if there was something they had in common, and it seems I especially love when

    1. A character has a pretty high dependence on the MC

    2. When the MC is of help to another character who is in pitiable situation (of help as in maybe character 2 has isolated themselves and become emotionless because of past experiences, but MC "reignites" them or shows them there is good in the world).

    Examples are: (possibly light spoilers for each title below, caution)

    • Toradora, where Taiga becomes pretty dependent on Ryuuji who cooks for her and helps her out with everything. You can see the emotional dependence gradually building up as well

    • Pet Girl of Sakurasou, which has become my all-time favorite anime and (coincidentally?) is about as "dependent on MC" as you can get. Mashiro is totally dependent on Sorata, and to top it off, the anime in some sense largely satisfies point 2. written above

    • Erased, which doesn't really fit "dependence" (point 1), but 100% fits point 2. Satoru is of major help in getting Kayo to see the world isn't all doom and gloom (not to mention literally being of help by protecting her)

    • Angel Beats, which is similar to the case in Erased. Doesn't fit "dependence" (point 1) but does fit point 2. (Light spoilers) Tenshi is in a pretty sympathy-inducing situation eating lunch alone, looking/sounding lifeless, revealed she used to have friends but they all moved on and she became the only one left. Then Otonashi is "of help" in showing kindness and getting her to be part of his camaraderie and getting her to open up

    Lots of text, sorry. Hopefully that gives a strong overview of what makes me tick. Responses appreciated (:
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    This is an interesting request, so I will give it my best shot.
    The first example that immediately comes to mind is The Boy and the Beast. It is about a boy who finds a portal to a world of animal demi humans and has to rely on a bear for protection and as a father figure. The boy coming into the bear's life also inspires him to stop being a lazy slob and strive to become someone that the boy can look up to.
    Death Note - Light Yagami has the power granted by a god of death to destroy anyone he wants to by writhing their names in a book, however he needs the help of a girl to uncover the identity of his enemies.
    Spice and Wolf - A wolf goddess gets stranded far away from home, but she gets rescued by a merchant. She has to rely on him to help her make the long journey North and hopefully make some profits along the way.
    Unbreakable Machine-Doll - A story about the trials of an android and her master working together to overcome many difficult battles.
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    What can I say, it is my favorite anime movie and I will take any excuse to recommend it :)
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    Surprisingly, I can come up with quite a few of anime somewhat fitting what you are looking for.

    Case 1: Dependency

    • Midori Days: Seiji suddenly wakes up with his left hand gone and replaced with a high school girl. Okay that sound weird but its actually pretty good comedy. Midori is basically at the mercy of Seiji.
    • Happy Sugar Life: I won't give you a summary because you should go into this blind. Its more of a codependency situation, but it's a good anime. Ignore the GL which who ever added that seems to have lost the whole point of the anime lol.
    • Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Suddenly a merman appears on this guys bath tub, what kind of life will these two have from now on? Totally a homo-hetero relationship between the two MC and It's so heart-warming <3
    • Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun: Yashiro invokes a school ghost and ends up taking a pact with it to save her life. Not enough people talk about tbhk. I will say that it wasn't a perfect adaptation so if you have time check out the manga, but it was pretty good imo.
    • Tanaka-kun is Always Listless: Its just MC wanting to take a nap every two seconds, and it's amazing. Tanaka has a pretty big dependency on Oota to the point where he carries him to classes because he's too lazy lol.
    • Kamisama Kiss: Nanami suddenly becomes a goddess and has to take care of a shrine with a dark past and a sexy fox, Tomoe. Nanami depends on Tomoe every time because she isn't strong enough to defend herself no matter how much she tries. Similar to Tbhk and both ones of my favorites.
    • Berserk: I can't really put into words the codependency situation without spoiling, but trust me, it's there. Oh and take the first ep with a pinch of salt because the whole anime is a flashback. DO NOT WATCH THE 2016/2017 VERSIONS BECAUSE THEY ARE SHIT AND DON'T LIVE UP TO THE MANGA.
    • Banana Fish: Eiji goes to New York to photograph a gang but comes back to Japan with the pictures and lifelong trauma. Eiji is pretty dependent of Ash (MC2) since he's basically a teddy bear who can't defend himself in this ruthless gang world, unlike Ash. I'm sorry for the amount of tissues you'll have to use after the ending :)

    Case 2: Helping everyone

    • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Tanjiros sister turns into a demon, and he takes upon the journey to make her human again. Totally watch for a beginner. Tanjiro feels pity even for blood thirsty demons, he's a ray of sun basically.
    • Please tell me! Galko-chan: Just some high school girls livinĀ“ that high school life. Galko is the sweetest gyaru EVER, change my mind. She helps everyone around her all the time. Honestly I recommend you watching this video analysis after finishing it because all thought you can take it as a light heart anime, its has an amazing core meaning.
    • Kamisama Kiss: Second time recommending this one. Nanami s nature is to help everyone around her.
    • Monster: Not gonna write a summary because I can't explain myself. MC nature is to be empathetic to anyone and everyone and reaching out to help despite his horrible situation.
    Damn, I don't even write this much for a school project. Anyways, hope it helps
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    Thank you Warpuppy for the reply, each of them look very promising. You've successfully lured someone in to give your favorite anime movie a try heh.

    Also thank you Clotilde for the extensive list! Looks like I'll be busy for a while! (:
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