Anime Screenshots Without Context

Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by Naga, Jul 8, 2017.

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    Oh my god, this thread is funny. Haven't had this good of a laugh in a while.
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    Posted by zala on Aug 7, 2019
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    Poor moment to pause Slam Dunk! Results in immature gold.

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    From Starmyu 3:

    Even with context it's still very silly.
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    Yes, it is a fact that people usually die when they are killed.
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    I miss this show

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    There are those who want to survive even if it kills them though
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    I know that this one doesn't look too weird, but the context makes this one odd.
    There has been WcDonald's and other brands with changed names, but Pepsi is okay with having their name used? How did that happen?
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    so..... you posted a picture that needed context in a thread about pictures without context.

    Also its product placement, like code geass and pizza hut
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    Me: I should take a break from reading about Chinese gays that are full of innuendo and watch my wholesome idol anime.

    Ensemble Stars!: That's cute

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