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Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by sothis, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. sothis

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    Posted by sothis on Jul 19, 2017
    This sticky thread showcases the anime clubs and groups we have on Anime-Planet. Have another idea? Post a new thread and see if it takes off. This list can be updated at any time.

    • FYAB: Find Your Anime Buddy - group watches, organized by you or your fellow users, for a series. The time and format depends on the specific group.

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  2. worknboy

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    I like this, Thank you! :baka:
  3. SpanglishJC

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    I'd like to mention our Daily Anime and Daily Manga Marathon Clubs (DAMC and DMMC). They both seem to be fairly popular.

    We use both IRC and discord for any chats although discord has been more heavily favoured recently.
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  4. worknboy

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    DTAB has been using discord lately. FYI There was 3 new channels setup recently. Think the general, DTAB, monthly movie club and DAMC, DMMC.
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  5. Now I just wish we had a club for people studying Japanese and their dialects! :3
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  6. Potimusprime

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    Uhhhh, i feel you, I've been trying to learn basic hiragana for months and made little to no progress at least that's how it feels. I just need to Shell out for actual classes.
  7. Yup, I would recommend classes. I took a few in college and it really is beneficial since you might skip some steps early on in the learning process!
  8. NarkyOtic

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    I've been using Memrise (Pro) for a while now. I've found it really helpful, but not so much on really learning kanji thus far. For hiragana/katakana it's excellent.

    JA Sensei is great for kanji and cultural stuff if you're on an Android device - I'm really keen for them to release an Apple version so I can have both on the iPad, but Memrise and JA Sensei are both excellent resources that complement each other.

    (Just, y'know, because there isn't a Japanese learning club... yet?)
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  9. RoseCandle16

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    I just use Duolingo for it...
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  10. Saeryen

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    I wish we had groups for discussing and livestreaming specific anime. There are certain kinds of anime I love and others I can't stand. I would love to have a club for a favorite of mine.
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  11. Grizz

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    Posted by Grizz on Oct 10, 2018
    From the Main thread post.
    FYAB pretty much perfectly fits with what you want. You ask if people want to do it, find people, agree on a pace to watch it and then discuss it episode by episode in the discussion threads.
  12. FuzzABall

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    Are you guys open to self started anime clubs/groups? I mean there's probably other users that might want to start their own club or group out there. I wanted to join a yuri group that's just generally based around discussions of yuri anime/manga, but as one can see there's none.
  13. imwldcat

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    Ive watched when they cry up till episode 9, but i keep getting confused its like it keeps restarting, someone please explain
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  14. Dellsimkin

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    Hey, I just passed my 28,000 (Dubbed, read my Bio why only Dubbed if you want to know more, too many people here have heard about it to repeat now) episodes. That is freaking awesome. But, I still stuck at 798 series. I thought A Certain Scientific Railgun T, would be one. But I am stuck at episode 21 of 25, before I can call it complete under the 'Watched' category. Plus I feel like I have been waiting for 9 months for Black Clover to air something... Episode 113 was where I stopped and I believe that it maybe at 139 now but I have to check. But I need a completeed series to mark 'Watched' for 800... Thanks to the Guys and Ladies who have maintained this site. You can see that there are some of us who count on you.
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  15. Stnh

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    Posted by Stnh on Feb 20, 2022
    Is there any new clubs
  16. sitiv0321

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    çok güzel paylaşım.

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