Anime-Planet x Lezhin partnership: read webtoons legally on A-P!

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. AnimeWatcherX92

    AnimeWatcherX92 New Member

    AP never cease to amaze me
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  2. YuriMahouShoujo

    YuriMahouShoujo New Member

    Fantastic news. Really excited for this.
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  3. JustZeth

    JustZeth New Member

    Welcome to AP Lehznin Comics!
    I have a friend who reads a lot of light novels but is online-shy. So I hope this integration will increase the chance of them opening an account here. :drinking:
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  4. Titania2504

    Titania2504 New Member

    melhor notícia do dia...hehe
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  5. cjeconstantino

    cjeconstantino New Member

    I've never been so happy my entire life! I can read Lezhin Comics' here free and finally save! Thank you so much! I'm so outdated with anything that's happening here but I'm sure excited with this partnership!
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  6. ethicalhacker58

    ethicalhacker58 New Member

    Great !!!!!!
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  7. notrairai

    notrairai New Member

    yyyaaaassssss >.<
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  8. NatsumeKhun

    NatsumeKhun Active Member

    I'M LOVING THIS honestly promote or give a raise to the person who came up with this idea. 10/10
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  9. SadSong

    SadSong New Member

    *loud fangirl squealing noises*
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  10. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    it was me, but i don't get paid for creating/running A-P, so :)

    In lieu of that, tell your friends about the site and have them come try it out! Or follow our social media accounts/interact with the posts so that we get more visibility ^_^
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  11. Ashana

    Ashana New Member

    that's not how this works, its just to keep track of the anime and manga you've reviewed
  12. Tomodovodoo

    Tomodovodoo New Member

    Wow! Nice to see anime planet broadening their mangas. I really hope you guys go further and further, because it would be so cool to have some mainstream newer manhwa on here. Solo levelling, The legendary moonlight sculptor and more, but I know Kakao isn't really fond of having partner ships. Also, those all have fan translations, but most don't have official translations. Either way, partnerships and expanding the site is very Nicu!
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  13. BlackBlossom166

    BlackBlossom166 New Member


    Also does the free comics also includes under borderline-h tags/mature genre?

    If yes, that's awesome!
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  14. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    Not yet, though we have a few "introduction" chapters for some of them (like BJ Alex) that don't have the BH content. It's something we've definitely discussed and hopefully will happen in the future though.
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  15. KarmaInRed

    KarmaInRed New Member

    I approve!
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  16. sairaragomen

    sairaragomen New Member

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  17. CaspianKorwado

    CaspianKorwado New Member

    I'd love to see that!!
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  18. callmeweebkid

    callmeweebkid New Member

    this is going to be fun and i hope there some vampire storys as while
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  19. callmeweebkid

    callmeweebkid New Member

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  20. kyufaye

    kyufaye New Member

    thank you ❤❤
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