Anime-Planet x Lezhin partnership: read webtoons legally on A-P!

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. Some1ridculous

    Some1ridculous New Member

    Waheey I'm so glad to hear that like Lezhin produces some of the best works so I'm delighted that AP joined partnership with em!
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  2. Ran15

    Ran15 New Member

    Posted by Ran15 on Aug 17, 2020
    that's what i'm wondering
  3. Ran15

    Ran15 New Member

    Posted by Ran15 on Aug 17, 2020
    nevermind i found how
  4. Shuepao

    Shuepao New Member

    It's really work hard.
  5. felliangel

    felliangel New Member

  6. ferengi4

    ferengi4 New Member

    I dunno how far this partnership or others will go, but if the future of AP is to be able to read/pay for the manga I wanna read without having to leave the site to play Google roulette, that'd be really awesome!
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  7. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    I will admit, I think the announcement is awesome cause now I've been reading a new series because of it. I can see webtoons becoming more popular because of the partnership, if they aren't already.
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  8. Akishima

    Akishima Well-Known Member

    This is great!
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  9. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member

    I read this is as "Anime-Planet x Lesbian partnership" but this is OK too.
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  10. chenne21

    chenne21 New Member

    Back here again upon hearing this! Thanks!
  11. worknboy

    worknboy Well-Known Member

  12. sQua69

    sQua69 New Member

  13. Nimeziz

    Nimeziz New Member

  14. stefanyx

    stefanyx New Member

    Is the Manhwa for free OR for subscription? because Manhwa in Lezhin is paid.
  15. Grizz

    Grizz Database Moderator

    Posted by Grizz on Aug 18, 2020
    Free Chapters
  16. Yanie122298

    Yanie122298 New Member

    this is really good❤
  17. jiafaye

    jiafaye New Member

    What a great news!!! :laugh:
  18. MeKira8240

    MeKira8240 New Member

    Yes please. You're the best. Love you anime-planet.
  19. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

  20. MinGwa

    MinGwa New Member

    WoW es de la mejores noticias, espero con esto se apoye más a los artistas de forma legal, muy bien por está asociación

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