Anime-Planet x Lezhin partnership: read webtoons legally on A-P!

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    Posted by sothis on Aug 16, 2020
    Today, we're announcing an exciting partnership with Lezhin Comics. Starting today, you can read hundreds of Lezhin webtoon chapters here on Anime-Planet, for free, with links to Lezhin for more chapters.


    We're thrilled to add Lezhin's content into our new read online portal, alongside our previously announced partnership with J-Novel Club for light novel and manga previews. You can track your reading progress for these titles, as well as other manga, novels, webtoons and OELs on Anime-Planet, plus get personalized recommendations and much more.


    Thanks for your support of Anime-Planet, and check out the official press release from Lehzin:



    Lezhin Entertainment has partnered with Anime-Planet to provide exclusive content for Anime-Planet’s online reading portal, which offers a legal way to read manga, light novels, and webtoons through partnerships with the industry.

    With this agreement, Lezhin will feature hundreds of webtoon episodes in Anime-Planet’s portal that are exclusive to the Lezhin Comics platform, spanning popular genres such as BL, GL, romance, action, and more. Users can read selected episodes for free on Anime-Planet and get links to read more at Lezhin Comics.

    Anime-Planet reaches over 5 million monthly users worldwide and is a leading destination for webtoon fans. In addition to the online reading portal and a similar watch online portal, Anime-Planet features an information database for a wide range of content such as manhwa, manga, webtoons, OELs, light novels, and other media, with the ability to keep track of your reading history. Users can discover new content by browsing personalized recommendations, or filtering the database using hundreds of curated tags, publisher or label information, or many other options.

    Lezhin will continue to work closely with Anime-Planet to bring more webtoon content to the community in the future.

    Jae Heung Jeon, the president of Lezhin Entertainment's US division, was quoted as saying, "I'm excited for this opportunity to share the amazing webtoons we have at Lezhin Entertainment with a larger global audience. Anime-Planet, as a leading destination for webtoon information, represents an amazing opportunity to reach a broader audience with Korean webtoons."

    “We’re so excited to announce this partnership with Lezhin,” said Kim Cameron, Anime-Planet founder. “Webtoons are incredibly popular to the Anime-Planet community, and Lezhin webtoons in particular frequently appear in our top user ratings, which includes not only webtoons, but also manga, OELs, and light novels. Lezhin has a great deal of unique content that will give our community even more choices for supporting the legal publishing industry.”

    Founded in 2013, Lezhin is a pioneer in the industry and one of the most popular webtoon companies in the world, offering exclusive all-ages and adult webtoon content in Korean, Japanese, English, and French markets. Check out Lezhin Comics on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on new releases and promotions to get the most out of Lezhin Comics.

    Founded in 2001, Anime-Planet was created by fans, for fans. Anime-Planet offers the ability to track the anime you've seen, and the manga, webtoons, and OELs that you've read; has personalized anime and manga recommendations; the ability to legally read and watch content online through industry partnerships; and has a vast content database for anime and manga, tags, characters, and staff. Learn more at and follow the site on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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    Yes please do
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    Awesome work as always.
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    This sounds like a really awesome partnership and i'm interested to see what all comes to Anime Planet.

    When it says "Lezhin will continue to work closely with Anime-Planet to bring more webtoon content to the community in the future." does that mean more chapters of the series that's already here, or the first chapters of new series?
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    This is wonderful! :D
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    this is sooo great!!!!! i really love reading lezhins comic!!! how its a full or complete really misses reading raising a bat or my pet bat
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    I like this
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    AP getting better every day.
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    Amazing, keep up the great work!
  11. postif

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    OP anime planet
  12. Zed

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    Posted by Zed on Aug 17, 2020
    Okay but how do you read manga on anime-planet????
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    <3 <3 <3 Awesome news!
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    This webside is still better and better :)
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    I am sooooo excited <3
    Anime-planet - YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!
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    This is amazing!
    ~~one step closer to world domination~~
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    Yes finally i use other manga reading apps webtoons and tapas io so this is a great thing
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