Anime-Planet Secret Santa 2022


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Are you in an anime or manga slump? Have you ever wanted to give a gift of (under)appreciated manga or anime to someone? Join our annual Secret Santa event to take part in the fun!

The goal of Secret Santa is to get someone to watch and review something that you love, or, you could be a bit evil and make them watch something terrible! But be careful, you might just get a lump of coal in your stocking in return


NOTE: In 2020, like the year prior, many people signed up and didn’t contribute any gifts for their pick (which was overwhelming for our SecretSanta and led to delays sending out the information), or didn’t watch or read any of their own picks. We advise that you don't sign up unless you're 100% committed. 2021 was a much better year, so let's keep the trend going!

We ask that any Secret Santa participants agree to:
  1. Watch or read at least one of your picks. If you don’t think you’ll have time to do so, there’s always next year!
  2. Reply to the Secret Santa thread with what you thought about your pick by Christmas day. It can even be a single sentence, just let your Santa know what you thought.

Also, make sure that you check your forum PMs regularly (not the same thing as the site notifications feature) for messages from Santa.


How to sign up

Use the format below and comment in the thread:

Anime-Planet username:
Link to your anime/manga list:
Anime, manga, or both is ok?
Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits:
Tags you don't want:

Example Form:

Anime-Planet username: Northpole
Link to your anime/manga list:
Anime, manga, or both is ok?: Anime
Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits: 12 Episodes
Tags you don't want: Horror, Mecha… etc.

Making your Secret Santa recommendations

NorthPole will send you your Secret Santa buddy through a forum PM, around November 19th. The choice is random.

  • You'll then need to choose 3 anime or manga for the person (depending on their requests), and reply back to the NorthPole PM with your choices. Do not PM your recipient! It will spoil the fun!

  • Do not recommend titles that are:
  • Ongoing
  • Music videos
  • Untranslated/incomplete

Getting your Secret Santa recommendations

  • You'll receive your recommendations around November 30th.

  • If for some reason you can't watch or read any of the titles you were given, you can request a new batch once.

  • Choose at least one of the titles to watch or read.

  • Add your thoughts about at least one of your picks here in the Secret Santa by Christmas day - post them as soon as you like! No minimum date. You can also post links to reviews you’ve made on the site here, but not required. Thread. It helps Santas feel excited about participating to see discussions about your picks.
Secret Santa pairs will be announced here in the thread on December 25!

Happy holidays and happy anime watching!
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Yay, it's SS time again.

Anime-Planet username: JordanJas

Link to your anime/manga list: JordanJas's Anime List | Anime-Planet

Anime, manga, or both is ok? Anime Only this time, please.

Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits: 26 eps if regular length, 75-100 if 8 mins or under per ep.

Tags you don't want: Alright, sorry to be picky but I am in a bit of a particular mood lately. I will not watch Mecha, GL, Sports, Space, Mafia/Gangs, Horror, Borderline H, Based on an Eroge or Visual Novel. I do not like the 2000s and earlier animation so try to stick to 2015 and newer, please. Nothing from my Stalled, Dropped, or Won't Watch Lists. Psychological and romance are hit or miss so while I will try them I probably won't like them. I am not really into rewatches either right now so ideally it will be something new to me.

Other: I have been into Chinese animation so I am requesting at least one pick be Chinese (Though I am cool if they ALL are too!). Even if you haven't seen it and you want to rec me one on my want-to-watch list? Go for it. I am down for anything. I like Cultivation, Xianxia, BL, Fantasy, Isekai, Adventure, Magic, and all the typical stuff that fits in there.

Feel free to hit me up with several picks (the more the merrier!) as I play ABC and use a lot of anime for that. I am serious. Hit me up with like 8 or 9 picks and I will try to get through as many as time (and bingo squares) allow.

Thanks again!
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It is that time of the year again! Secret Santa time and I am looking forward to it!

Anime-Planet username: KathyKatz

Link to your anime/manga list:

Anime, manga, or both is ok?
Only anime

Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits:
Keep anime at max of 26 episodes. As it is the holidays it can be quite hard to keep up with shows that have more than that.

Tags you don't want:
Borderline H, ecchi or any of those fanservice tags.

Please nothing from my Dropped or Stalled lists.
I'm a big fan of romcom and drama anime so those are always welcomed! Also since I'll be using my picks for bingo, feel free to suggest more than 3, and I'll do my best to get through as many as I can!
Anime-Planet username: JamesSofort

Link to your anime/manga list:

Anime, manga, or both is ok?

Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits:
15 episodes (1 cour anime)

Tags you don't want:
Chinese or Korean Animation

Please nothing that's on my want to watch. I'm up to movies also (I don't mind if it's one or two) and I also don't mind if you suggest more than 3 (I know it can be quite a struggle to choose only 3).

I will once again volunteer to be an "adoptive Santa" for people whose original Santa either gave them bad recs, or their original Santa doesn't show up. I also am once again open for recommendations from more than 1 Santa! ^_^ (So if you wanna give me recs, either comment them on my profile, or PM me.)

Anime-Planet Username: OkamiHime95

Link to your anime/manga list:

Anime, manga, or both?: Anime only, please. It's not that I don't like manga (I love them actually), but because I prefer buying & reading physical copies of manga, it takes me a really long time to finish them.

Maximum episode limits: I'll go up to around 24-30 episodes maximum if they're regular length. However, if the episodes are very short, then 75 - 100+ is fine I guess. You can rec me movies and OVA's too.

Tags you don't want: Due to PTSD, anxiety, and personal reasons, I either CANNOT watch certain tags, or I have to be extremely careful with them. So, I apologize for being very selective... I won't watch GL/Yuri/Shojo-Ai, Yaoi, Explicit sex, tons of nudity, sexual abuse/rape, graphic medical, Dark Comedy, Dark Fantasy, Borderline H, lots of Ecchi, Based on an Eroge, War, Crude humor, tons of explicit gore, Fake romance and basically stuff with toxic/abusive relationships, BDSM, Tsundere, and horror.

Other: Due to the reasons above, and because I just have been going through a lot in my personal life these past couple of months, I implore you to NOT recommend me anything sad or very bleak. I don't care how "good" it supposedly is, I just am not in the right mindset for them lately... Don't rec me stuff with sad endings either.

Since I'll be using the recs for Obscura Yoi, give me as many recs as you want. (In fact, I love getting many recommendations. :love:) I don't even care if it takes me longer than Christmas to go through them. I'm just happy to get recs from people.

I will NOT watch things from my won't watch, stalled, or dropped lists since they're there for a reason. I'd highly prefer no rewatches since I'd like to clear more of my want to watch, but if it's something I rated 3.5 stars or more, that's ok. (Just don't make them ALL rewatches, please. :sweat:)

I don't have Funimation, Premium Hi-dive, or a Premium Crunchyroll, and my Disney+ went wacky on me, so can't watch stuff that's only watchable from there... Recs must be fully available, free, and complete on Amazon Prime video, USA Netflix, Hulu, Pluto, Tubi, or regular Youtube.

You can refer to this to get a feel for what I'm into.

I don't care how old something is, or how old animation looks, so don't worry about that.

Would prefer if you've already seen what you're gonna rec me, but even if you haven't, no worries. I'll just be happy if you believe I'll genuinely enjoy them. ^_^

I'm alright with BL/Shounen-Ai as long as it doesn't have any tags that I don't want, and they're fully available on the platforms I have. But I'm not really in the mood for them, so only rec me like 1 or 2 if you're at a loss. I'm fine with Chinese and Korean stuff as long as they're fully available on the platforms I have, but be warned they can be hit or miss for me. Comedy anime are really hit or miss for me, and most of the time I think they're too over the top, so please don't be upset if I don't find something funny.

Extra points from me if there's hot dudes lol. :dankface:

Not big on Magical girl or Mecha, but if you believe I'll genuinely enjoy it, you can rec me one as long as it's a stand-alone, if that makes sense.

Age-gap is ok as long as it's consensual, and no characters are under-age. I won't watch Omegaverse or Incest.
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hurray! third year in a row for me and i've enjoyed each of my previous years. I hope every one has a blast

Anime-Planet username:

Link to your anime/manga list:
anime -
manga -

Anime, manga, or both is ok?
both is ok ^^ i'll try my best to watch/read as much as i can

Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits:
25 episodes [roughly] or 10 volumes [roughly]

Tags you don't want:
horror, BL/Yaoi

I hope my lovely santa who ever they maybe can make sure whatever anime they choose has an english dub, i'm unable to watch series that are sub only. i've been recommended a fair amount of sub only anime through this in the past that look really good and it saddens me that i can't watch them. thank you for the considoration
Hey, I think I'd like to give this a go!

Anime-Planet username: Balthasaurus

Link to your anime/manga list:

Anime, manga, or both is ok? Either is okay! I like both!

Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits: For anime, anything with thirty or fewer episodes would be great! As for manga, you can recommend anything of any length, but I can only guarantee that I'll be able to read the first volume by Christmas, unless it's available digitally somewhere.

Tags you don't want: I'm not opposed on principle to any particular tags.

Other: I'll be happy to receive anything, so long as it's something that you genuinely think I might enjoy. I'm a big fan of science-fiction and fantasy, particularly stories about interspecies relationships, animal transformation, prophecies, or curses. I like stories where the protagonists travel and go on adventures, but I also really enjoy dramas and slice-of-life stories, too.

Please feel free to recommend things that are already on my Want to Watch/Want to Read lists, if you like; this will give me the push I need to give them a start.

If you're recommending anime, it'd be nice if they're available on Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. Keep in mind that I live in the UK and some titles might not be available over here. And if you're recommending manga, please recommend ones that have official English translations.

Honestly, I'm really looking forward to seeing what I get! This is exciting!
OH YEAH! I'm excited for this year.

Anime-Planet username:
Link to your anime/manga list: +
Anime, manga, or both is ok?: Both
Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits: around 50~ episodes, 100~ chapters/25~ volumes
Tags you don't want: Yaoi, Yuri, Shounen-ai, Shoujo-ai, Romantic Comedy, Explicit Sex, Chinese Animation, Korean Animation, Manhua, Manhwa, Webtoons
Other: Picking something from my want to watch/want to read list is more than okay. Just nothing from my Won't Watch or Won't Read. I'm excited to get manga though since this will have been the first time I've asked for it in this event, so I would prefer some manga. If you have something with more than my allotted episodes or chapters I will probably still watch/read it but I will probably not watch/read it in time for the deadline.
Alrighty, it is this time of year again!

Anime-Planet username: Timed

Link to your anime/manga list: Anime List | Manga List

Anime, manga, or both is ok? Both is fine!

Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits: 15 Episodes | 15 Volumes (if it is slightly over, up to 20 is fine too)

Tags you don't want: No Mecha, Sports, BL, or anything with too much fanservice/Borderline H for me.

Other: LGBT Themes or GL have been interests/favorites recently, and nothing off my Won't Watch/Read nor Dropped, stalled is fine.
I was waiting for this.

  1. Anime-Planet username:
    1. ermo
  2. Link to your anime/manga list:
  3. Anime, manga, or both is ok?
    1. Only anime
  4. Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits:
    1. This year I don't have too much time, so 1 recommended title should have a total showing time of 120 mins, please. You can decide to recommend me short episode anime with lots of episodes (e.g. 12 eps of 10 mins), or only just a move (1 movie of 100 mins) or a few episode OVA (3 eps of 25 mins) . You can decide how to break out the 120 mins, but make sure you are below it.
    2. If you recommend me multiple titles then the 'number of titles' x 120 mins.
    3. I will definitely watch one, but depending on the circumstances I might watch more.
  5. Tags you don't want:
  6. Other:
    1. Please don't pick from my won't watch, dropped and stalled lists.
    2. I like character development, though the coming of age of Shinji from Evalgelion was really painful for me to watch. Arte was a rec from last year and it was really good, so please more from this type of character growth.
    3. I usually don't like Chinese animation, but there can be exceptions.
    4. Slow paced anime is also fine, but it should have a goal, being slow paced for the sake of being slow paced (=iyashikei) is a definite NO for me.
    5. You can recommend a lot of titles, but be aware, that in that case most of them might end up on my want to watch list.
    6. I'm willing to become nostalgic, so you can recommend from my watched list. The time limit still in place in this case as well plus I must have rated the title to 5 stars.
Anime-Planet username: meganeorcx
Link to your anime/manga list:
Anime, manga, or both is ok?
preferably anime as I rarely ever finish manga anymore
Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits: on the shorter side (under 20 eps) UNLESS you believe I'll really like it then I can go up to +/- 30 eps
Tags you don't want: generally not a big fan of sports or mecha
  • I'm a big sucker for LGBTQ themes (especially GL) and anything with cats or witches
  • preferably nothing too sexually explicit (especially with underage characters, big yikes)
  • max. 1 anime from my want-to-watch or stalled lists if needed
  • lots of bonus points if it makes me cry for happy reasons, I love a good heartwarming ending that makes me SOB and rethink everything I know
  • I'd really appreciate a movie rec if you can :)
Since I don't watch a whole lot of anime anymore, I use Secret Santa as the perfect excuse to watch some so I'm very excited again this year! :)
Oh, we're up already? Cool!

Anime-Planet username: Starletka
Link to your anime/manga list:
Anime, manga, or both is ok: anime
Maximum episode (anime): one cour things are preferable, so 13-ish (movies are okay too)
Tags you don't want: I'm ready for anything
Other: please give me 3 different genres/experiences (you can pick from my WtW list too, if there's something you really want to recommend to me on there)
SO EXCITED. My third year in a row let’s gooooo

Anime-Planet username: CherryChip
Link to your anime/manga list:
Anime, manga, or both is ok?: Anime only
Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits: If its super long I may not finish in time. 24 episodes maybe? Flexible.
Tags you don't want: Tragedy, Horror
Other: I’m not interested in crying my eyes out at the moment. I’m a sucker for isekai and romance, but recommend me anything you think is great! If you want to you can pick some from my Want to Watch list as I have been stalling on some of those for ages. Just not the movies as I have plans for those.
Initially I was planning on skipping Secret Santa this season, but I had a change of heart and decided to try it again this season:

Anime-Planet username:
Link to your anime/manga list:
Anime, manga, or both is ok? Anime only - I'm not much of a manga reader
Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits: 13, but I'll take a 2-cour series (24-26 episodes)
Tags you don't want: BL/Yaoi, horror, anything with explicit sex and/or violence, and borderline H
Other: Feel free to take anything on my Want to Watch list, but bear in mind that some of the titles on there haven't aired yet or will in the future. Also please recommend something that is available on Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, Netflix, or Amazon Prime (I don't subscribe to Hulu anymore so nothing on there please). I don't have a sub/dub preference so it can be a sub-only show and I'll still watch it.

I'm also a fan of sports (mainly baseball and soccer, but I like watching all sports), historical, psychological, and isekai anime so anything with those tags are more than welcomed. I'm also into anime with father/daughter relationships like SPY x FAMILY and The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting so any anime that fit that criteria that I haven't seen yet would be great.

Because of a certain someone on this forum, I started to get into Chinese anime so I would like one of the recommendations to be a Chinese anime. As long as I can watch it on YouTube or Bilibili (and maybe Crunchyroll as they do have some Chinese anime), go for it!

Please give me as many recommendations as you want. I prefer around 5-6 recs as I also play ABC and would like to use them on my Bingo card if I can.

And finally - NO REWATCHES! I'm working on reaching 1 year Life on Anime and I prefer to stay away from re-watching shows on my Watched list.

Looking forward to seeing what I get this season!

Oh, and another condition I would like to add - no anime where all the characters die in the end or any anime with a reset ending.
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Anime-Planet username: Deinonychus
Link to your anime/manga list:
Anime, manga, or both is ok?: Anime
Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits: 13, also I don't mind movies (you can suggest me longer anime too, but most likely I will not be able to finish it in time, busy year for me :/)
Tags you don't want: GL/Yuri, BL/Yaoi, Harem, Ecchi (and any other fanservice tags)
Other: I prefer older anime (80s-90s), but I don't mind newer ones either. I would also love to discover some underrated, more obscure anime. I don't mind if you recommend me anime from my "want to watch" list.
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Anime-Planet username: Beth0410
Link to your anime/manga list: Beth0410's Anime List | Anime-Planet
Anime, manga, or both is ok? anime
Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits: 30 eps if regular length. if short eps can be up to 100
Tags you don't want: incest, harem, ecchi, based on an eroge, tragedy, mecha
Other: love chinese animes, BL, romance, action, supernatural, fantasy. Mainly looking for new animes to watch
I guess I'll honor the tradition of rising from my grave for Secret Santa-events this year as well:

Anime-Planet username:
Link to your anime/manga list:
Anime, manga, or both is ok? Both are fine. Though preference is in anime
Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits: Max 26 episodes / 10 volumes / if you recommend a webtoon/manhwa/manhua then 100-ish chapter.
Tags you don't want: Anything goes
Other: I'm a sucker for mahou-shoujo, music-related series, idol, SoL, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things (basically anything that has cute anime girls), romance, drama, psychological, seinen, otome isekai/otome villainess isekai and GL/WlW/Shoujo-ai/Yuri subgenres, but will watch/read anything pretty much.

Obviously shows, OVAs, movies and manga from my PtW/PtR lists are ok, but feel free to pick something from my stalled-list or suggest me to continue some show/manga I've seen first season of as well.
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