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  1. FoodLife

    FoodLife Database Moderator

    I'm finally done with my 2nd pick which is Dendrobates, woohoo. The story is a bit... lacking in a way but nonetheless, it was very enjoyable
    especially when the gun goes pew pew
    Also started reading my 3rd pick, Pet Shop of Horrors last night. And to my Santa, thanks so much for giving me the push I need to finally start reading it:smile:
    Out of the three this is probably my favorite
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  2. JamesSofort

    JamesSofort Database Moderator

    Hello Santa!!

    I've finished my last reccomendation Aggretsuko.

    To be honest I found it somewhat boring at the beginning but after that the characters started to grow up on me (specially Retsuko) and I enjoyed the anime a lot.
    I'm going to watch the other seasons of Aggretsuko next year.

    I'm very grateful for your picks Santa and I hope you hadn't a lot of trouble deciding for them. It was a very fun Secret Santa event this year.
  3. KatieFox97

    KatieFox97 Active Member

    Dear Santa,

    I have finished watching Tsuredure Children and I really enjoyed it. I'm giving it a 4.5/5. I plan on starting Tamako Market soon, once I finish season three of Food Wars. I will hopefully have another update before the end of the year. Thanks again for the recs.
  4. LadyPsychic

    LadyPsychic Well-Known Member

    Dear Santa,

    Last night, I finished watching Hi-Score Girl (well, the first season at least). I'll probably write a review later, but for now I'll say that I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a cute show and all those games brought out nostalgia from me (I'm both a 90's kid and a gamer girl myself). I do plan to watch the extra episodes as well as season two. I'm half way through Keep Your Hands off Eizouken and so far I'm enjoying it alot as well. It's been taking me more time to get through it than I expected (due to a combination of dealing with old shitty laptop and getting distracted by reading fanfics on AO3), but hopefully I'll be able to finish it before Christmas. Unfortunately, I haven't started Vinland Saga yet (well the anime that is, I've been reading the manga for years). My parents have been staying up late often lately, and when they do go to bed I had been focusing on Hi-Score Girl. I might start the Vinland Saga anime soon, but even if I do, I won't be able to finish it for Christmas. In fact, I might decide to wait until the start of the new year before watching it. Also, as I stated before, I sadly have no way to watch Link Click due to it being a Funimation exclusive (and I don't have Funimation and I don't think they have a free option like Crunchyroll does).
  5. CherryChip

    CherryChip Member

    Ok I actually did finish my third pick in time!!! I binged the last of it all just now when I had really planned to spread it out over the next day or two. It got good. Thanks, Santa! The final verdict~

    The Millionaire Detective - Balance: Unlimited:
    3.5/5 Dude I binged this so fast once the overall season plot started. Like wow. That was so cool! I will say overall for this anime: I didn’t care much for the ridiculousness of the first few episodes, but once it got serious… that was when I started to enjoy it more. Kato and Kambe clash like fire and water but somehow pair together by the end of it all. I was very iffy on their interactions with each other but I think now that everything is done that they’ll call each other acquaintances now, at least??? Not friends, but they tolerate each other? I knew it was coming and still laughed at the ending when Kambe just let Kato fall again!! Another note: the opening is crazy good—I give it a 10/10!
  6. marsan

    marsan Active Member

    To my secret santa,

    I'm sorry to disappoint you for this year's secret santa. I'm going through a personal issue rn so I don't have time or energy to watch any anime. I did watch 2 episodes of Mushi shi, and I like it so far. Maybe I'll watch some more before Christmas but I don't know. But I will watch them eventually, even after secret santa so maybe I can update you then....
  7. cesmine

    cesmine Active Member

    Well, that was quick. :D I basically binge-watched major part of Yuri!!! on ice yesterday, cause it was just so good. I loved the opening, I couldn't skip it even once. And I loved Victor and Yuri and their relationship (which wasn't stereotypical at all and no one was being a homofobic as*hole about it), even tho Yuri was sometimes a little childish. I liked that he was all awkward and timid, but once he stepped on the ice he just switched to hot, confident young man. As a bonus Toyonaga Toshiyuki is one of my most favorite seiyuu. It was funny and wholesome, the music was wonderful. And it got me pretty emotional several times, so I just have to say, that it's definitely the best anime, I watched in the past month. Thank you very much for the little push I needed to finally watch it. Even though it wasn't exactly your official recommendation, I'm very grateful to you for giving me such amazing gifts. I really loved them all! ♥

    This is probably my last review, since I won't be able to watch anything more till the Christmas Eve, i guess. Anyway, I want to wish you all the most fabulous holiday to spend with people, that are dearest to you. I will be impatiently waiting for the grand Secret Santa reveal! :D (✿◠‿◠)
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  8. meganeorcx

    meganeorcx Member

    Hi Santa!

    After watching Kids on the Slope, I finally finished Heaven Official's Blessing and I very much understand the praise it gets now! I absolutely loved it and it was one of the better LGBTQ anime I've seen in probably forever. So thank you so much for introducing me to this! I left a review here in case you're interested! :)

    I probably won't get to watch Land of the Lustrous this year because my exam prep starts this weekend and I'll be extremely busy but I'll keep it in my TBW for later! I'll still finish Goodbye, My Rose Garden because I really enjoy it so far.

    Once again, thank you for the amazing recommendations! Mission "get out of anime watching slump" has certainly been accomplished! :)
  9. JordanJas

    JordanJas Bronze Supporter

    Not sure if you are aware but Heaven Official's Blessing is getting a Season 2! The PV's are already out.
  10. meganeorcx

    meganeorcx Member

    I saw and I'm definitely going to watch it!:)
  11. featherstone

    featherstone Well-Known Member

    Dear Santa,

    From all the received recs I liked Cage of Eden the most, and since it's a 21 volume manga it will take me some time to finish it. I won't make it this year, but I'm really into survival manga so it will definitely happen.
    In Altair: A Record of Battles I'm on chapter 78 out of 136. I had to take a break for a bit, but I think I will finish it soon. Overall it's a nice, well written manga with unique setting that I really enjoyed.

    Thank you for your recommendations!

    I wish you all Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
  12. NaelSchenfel

    NaelSchenfel Well-Known Member

    Dear Santa

    I've read 14 chapters of Her Summon... And I'm sorry to say that I've dropped it :/
    Don't feel bad! I know you had the best intentions and that webtoon actually could have worked really well! I think it's amazing how the main character has anxiety and social phobia - specially when I, too, have both - and how he struggles with the consequences of an impulsive act and how he becomes a hero when summoned; but I think it kinda loses its focus way too quickly. The author didn't seem to be able to measure the amount of comedy and drama for this same comic, not even the timing for them. So far, it really hasn't any ecchi but I was kinda expecting, like, no big boobs girls? It's kinda annoying there's always something like that in isekais - specially when the main character is an otaku. I get why it happens, but I quite dislike it.
    It was worth a shot and maaaybe I'll try again someday. But as for today, I'm not reading it anymore.

    So, that's it. Please don't feel bad (or mad at me ;-;).
  13. Dear Santa,

    I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm dropping my third, and last, pick - Beyond the Boundary. I know it was on my watchlist before this years Secret Santa started but I don't think I knew what it actually was about.

    BtB is not the type of anime I generally watch, maybe I just don't have patience right now necessary for me to finish it, but I just can't. I'm getting annoyed with everything about this show, I think my eyes were in danger of falling out from all the eyerolling.

    I'm not trying to bash BtB, it probably isn't bad anime at all, just definitely not for me.

    I'm a little sad that I didn't finish my last pick from my Santa, but I needed to save my sanity ;)
  14. Starletka

    Starletka Silver Supporter

    There, done, Santa. Good stuff. Enjoyed myself. Thank you again.
  15. Helbaworshipper

    Helbaworshipper Database Moderator

    My secret santa gave me three options. I chose a twelve episode anime called Joker game. Honestly, the problem I have with the show is how forgettable it is beyond being a well animated and dubbed (Yes it has four of five dubs by now.). It's not a bad anime, but unfortunately the first two episodes made me thing that it was going to be a Daughter of Twenty Faces or a Baccano.

    I finished the show and it was a decent show. I just felt like it didn't accomplish much story wise. Also, that opening is kind of cool.
  16. torinikucchi

    torinikucchi Member

    Dear Santa,

    I've finished all the anime picks you gave, but I don't think I'll be able to finish Fantasy Bishoujo Juniko Ojisan to before Christmas and I decided to drop Dungeon Meshi.

    Golden Kamuy ended up being my favorite of the picks and just one of my all time favorites. I found this show hilarious and I was never bored while watching it. All of the characters, even the antagonists, were enjoyable. Overall it's a 9/10 and I plan to watch the next seasons!

    I was iffy when you picked A Place Further Than the Universe since I don't like slice of life, but I loved it. The girls were relatable, the jokes were funny, the music was great and the conclusion was satisfying. I didn't expect to cry during this, but I did. I give it a 8/10.

    I ended up dropping Dungeon Meshi because I found it very slow and boring. I also didn't find any of the jokes funny. I can understand why some people like it, but I just couldn't get into it. Sorry Santa, but it's a 6/10 to me.

    I'd also like to say that I gave Made in Abyss an 8/10 and Fantasy Bishoujo Juniko Ojisan to a 7/10.

    Thank you for the picks Santa! Happy holidays to all! :)
  17. SpiritOfCoffeeMug

    SpiritOfCoffeeMug Well-Known Member

    I sadly didn't manage to finish any of the two other anime picks my Santa picked for me (However I put them both on my PtW and will watch them eventually), but I did manage to read one of the manga recommendations they gave me, which was a series called Uchi no Maou Kamimasen yo, which was a pretty nice little comedy manga.

    Here's my short review of it.:
    Uchi no Maou Kamimasen yo review by SpiritOfCoffeeMug
  18. Qplayer

    Qplayer Well-Known Member

    Dear Santa,

    I wrote a full review of From the New World which I posted here. The review has no spoilers so I decided to write my thoughts on the specific story elements in the spoiler section below. It's more like a rambling thoughts blog than a review so take it for what it's worth.

    “Monster rats are human”

    This was meant to be the major twist at the end, but it’s strongly hinted at throughout the show. From episode 3 when the false minoshiro suggests that humans without Power survived into the present day, I figured that monster rats, a humanoid sentient race, must be connected somehow. By the time this fact was confirmed in the last episode, it was hardly a surprise. However, this isn’t inherently a bad thing. If all the value in the twist is the surprise, then it’s not really serving the story. It’s just cheap shock value. As it became increasingly obvious that the Monster Rats were some sort of branch of humanity, it created a level of dramatic irony where most of the characters were acting unaware that they were killing humans without repercussions. It did raise some practical questions (such as “how exactly does the death of shame work? Is it based on appearance, a biological marker, psychological conditioning, or some combination of these factors?”). That said, it was a well executed element of the story, even if it might have benefitted from being “revealed” earlier.

    “Squealer did nothing wrong”

    Yeah this is partly a meme, but I felt it was important to address. Squealer was a revolutionary, and from a narrative perspective, it’s understandable that he felt justified in using any means necessary to overthrow his human oppressors. From a moral and ethical perspective though, Squealer did everything wrong. Almost every single action that Squealer took could be considered a war crime. “Intentional murder of innocent people?” He led indiscriminate raids on human villages which resulted in the slaughter of countless innocent bystanders. “Torture or inhuman treatment, including biological experiments?” I’d say tying people up in cocoons and hanging them from hospital windows would qualify as this along with “taking of hostages.” The list goes on, and that’s NOT to say that the humans did nothing wrong either. Their means of combat also consisted of several immoral war crimes and atrocities. Ultimately this whole narrative device is the most allegorical, although it’s not one where either side can be considered morally in the clear. Associating the actions of either side with any real world events should be considered in context, especially coming from a nation that was guilty of some truly horrific things. That said, this meme should be killed, along with “Hitler did nothing wrong.” There’s no benefit to making such blanket statements other than making bad jokes, inciting division, or trolling.

    “The subconscious and the conscious mind”

    Shun’s most dramatic scene comes at the end of episode 10 when he reveals himself to be what the show calls a “Karmic demon” a person unable to control their Power leaking out of their subconscious. The idea of manifesting human subconscious desire into an allegorical demon was a great device with interesting implications, but I felt like it was never explored again. Shun was literally erased from the memories of the cast and referred to only as “that kid we forgot about,” but for the most part his revelations from the first part of the show were completely disregarded. I felt like they set up a very interesting question, whether or not our conscious mind or our subconscious desires are really in control of our person. While this theme was touched upon perhaps tangentially through things like Saki and Maria’s relationship, Karmic Demons as a device disappeared from the story which was disappointing.

    “From the New World”

    Finally, let’s talk about the ending. There were several options for the ending that could have been explored, but what the writers chose was perhaps the most optimistic. In the face of all the tragedy and loss, our protagonists take their discovery of the truth and decide to try and change the world for the better. They overcome the destruction of their entire worldview to try and rebuild the world right. That, umm, sounds familiar. I wasn’t by any means disappointed with the ending. I think it’s an important message to share that even if communities have done wrong, even committed atrocious crimes against humanity, that individuals with a conscience can lead them back towards what is good. For example, Squealer's punishment of eternal torture was unjustifyable, and Saki in her own conscience acted to rectify that. It may be a small action on the scale of a war resulting in massive destruction and slaughter, but it was the right thing to do. If there’s any lesson that can be elicited from Shinsekai Yori, this is in my opinion the most important one.
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  19. Warpuppy

    Warpuppy Well-Known Member

    I would recommend watching the OVAs for High Score Girl before you move on to other stuff. If I remember correctly the first season ended kind of randomly but the OVAs bring the first season to a much better resolution. After that you can hold off for a while before starting season 2.
  20. starrx

    starrx Member

    dear santa,

    ive watched goblin slayer and im about halfway done with the second rec, gabriel dropout. i plan to watch gleipnir once i finish that but i doubt it'll be before christmas so i wanted to update you now !!! thank you for the suggestions & happy holidays:))

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