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Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by NorthPole, Nov 12, 2021.

  1. OkamiHime95

    OkamiHime95 Well-Known Member

    You missed the deadline, which was November 19th if I recall correctly. However, I'm sure there are folks here who would still be willing to give you recs anyway. :3

    (I'd try to give some myself, but when someone doesn't want things from their want to watch list, I get too stumped. :sweat: )

    @JordanJas Would you be willing to help them?
  2. AnnaSartin

    AnnaSartin Database Moderator

    Unfortunately, sign-ups are over, but we can still throw some recs at you if you'd like. (just DMed you some anime, maybe another user can rec some manga next?)
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  3. 0jamaRainbow

    0jamaRainbow Member

    dear santy claus,
    finished her tale of shim chong and it was another really strong hitter! i really lucked out and got a santa that did their research on me ^^. i went into it with a slightly sceptical expectations since i really don't tend to like historical things but without spoiling anything it kept up the drama and yuri scenes well while keeping your attention thanks a lot santa :D hope reading that your gift recipiant is having a great time with your presents brings a smile to your face
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  4. JordanJas

    JordanJas Database Moderator Bronze Supporter

    Uhhhh. Let's see what I can come up with.....

    From not on your lists: (survival meets a brand new world) (attractive boys learning to act) ( is it a punch or a kick? who knows with him) (crossdressing, gun battles - fake ones of course - ) ( a new movie that is a quick and fun watch) (DEFENSE!)
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  5. AnnaSartin

    AnnaSartin Database Moderator

    We both recced anime. We need a person for manga recs now
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  6. JordanJas

    JordanJas Database Moderator Bronze Supporter

    I dont read manga so I am never helpful there!
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  7. Cupcakle

    Cupcakle Member

    Ok, for manga rec's I have three short ones to hand out
    I believe they are right up ur alley
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  8. WolfAngelus

    WolfAngelus Well-Known Member

    Finished the last 8 eps of

    I thought about it, and set it to 3.5/5. I think it had a stronger start with a drop pretty much just after where I had left off. I liked the direction and overall feel of the theme originally. I found that the overall vibe I got from the plot took a bit of a turn and lost me attention a bit for 2 eps, then picked up again, then the last 2 eps kind of dipped. What happened I think is the additional characters didn't really catch on with me. So the vibe the first chunk of eps gave off changed a lot, and jumped around a bit more which seemed to fit with the opening of an ep feeling like it has a time gap from the previous episode. It was more of a rush from idea to idea rather than a natural flow. also, I didn't like the white hair guy.

    In the end, I had set out an expectation in my mind, my expectation was more interesting. I felt the overall appeal decent, I'd get hooked in, and then for a bit there would be some attention loss, repeating, and that is how I rate stuff these days - going by if my eyes are glued on non-stop, or if I get distracted browsing something/msging on my phone.

    Next up will be I would expect a little more as the top 2 similar recommends appear to be anime I really liked, though those 2 are from one studio and this is a different one.
  9. Pyroblade

    Pyroblade Database Moderator

    Thought I'd try pitching in since my recievee is rather quiet, but having no romance combined with your list is crippling as that tag is the only place where our lists overlap. Anyway, thought I'd shoot these out there anyway, because I'm somewhat desperate to hear what other people think, I guess.
    Cursor, Good Night World, Kiss Wood, Yuusha Goikkou no Kaerimichi
    Also, already on your want to read, but I liked "I Had That Same Dream Again"
    Now that I'm thinking about it, these probably don't match your taste and I'm just making excuses to hear some feedback on these, but you can decide for yourself.
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  10. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    Polar Bear Cafe


    Surprise santa, I know I said I probably wouldn't, but I finished it.




    I'm still not calm, and will never be, but here's my feedback.

    Yes. My verdict. My verdict is...
    I want bamboo.

    And now, for some of my traditional Rakugo. How about a slightly idiotic tale.


    Do you remember any of these jokes from the show? Because I sure do. In fact I think I literally just wrote an entire episode just now in this very post. So many of the episodes just contained the same gags on repeat, most of which were never funny to begin with. ESPECIALLY rin-rin's crazy stalking tendencies. That garbage was never, ever funny.

    I know starting off with a complaint doesn't seem good, but I actually did enjoy this anime, I just needed to get that off my chest, because, you don't know what it's like sitting there at 3 PM, drool pooling on my shirt, on my 5th episode of polar bear cafe for the day, watching the 57983th "don't suck me up" joke, thinking "God I wish someone would come suck me up." In like a vore kind of way. That's how much I lost my mind. I manifested a vore fetish within myself. Vore.

    But I digress. This was a lovely show, and if I had watched it like, one episode per day, or week, it would have been the ideal experience, because this really did feel like @Zed said, the ideal Slice of Life. You got your three main dudes who all just kind of chill, and hang out at a cafe, and we get to see what their lives are like in the day-to-day. Polar Bear, just this friendly lovable guy who acts goofy and runs the cafe, honestly I'd love to go to his cafe it seems great, and then Panda, who honestly kind of gets on your nerves after a while but is this airhead character that's likable in small doses, and then Penguin, who...

    I'll just say it, he's George Costanza, but as a penguin. He really is. He's unemployed, he always talks about stuff no one cares about, gets the most passionate out of the group about stuff, acts the straight man but is ridiculous himself, he's just great. By far my favorite character.

    Some of the jokes actually do make me laugh, and are very clever, like the gag with nobody knowing how Penguin gets up on the stool, Penguin being the only one who can't tell the difference between his seven (weed smoking) girlfriends, every scene Grizzly is in, ect. There were also just some great chill moments where I could just relax and watch, like those episodes where people reminisce about things while hanging out at the bar or cafe.

    It also had a number of little sub-plots where a smile spread across my face every time it was brought up, like that boy who was learning to roast coffee, or the penguins trying to sell their playing cards. I would genuinely watch an entire anime just about the Penguingers.

    It even got a little emotional, once.
    By the time Full Time Panda left the show, I had spent enough time with this cast that I felt like I had lost a family member. It's amazing what an anime can do when these precious little moments happen, after its charm compiles and sneaks up on you.

    It was a good experience, Santa. Though next year, I am definitely excluding slice of life from the genres that can be 64 or less episodes.

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  11. Pyroblade

    Pyroblade Database Moderator

    That's only 5 episodes a day.
    (Actually really impressive to me. I lose my attention span after three days, so I have to binge things quick or they'll be floating for eternity.)
  12. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    Somehow it feels like more when it's this show.
  13. tigian

    tigian Member

    Dear Santa,

    Just finished your recommendations, here are my thoughts about it:
    Daily lives of high school boys - it gave a feeling of a mix between Gintoki sensei Specials and Cromartie high school... Specially because it was impossible to not hear Gintoki... It was nice but I had to take it slow since the gag mechanics of it made it not very binge-able..

    Brave story- it was the pick that I liked the most, its a pity that it was just a movie because I thought it had potential to have more episodes and keep being interesting. It was very cute to see the inexperienced MC fight and the animation was actually a good job from Gonzo, with nice details and movement.

    Watashi no Ookami-san - at first I was not very into it because of the loli art style, which I normally don't particularly enjoy, however it had a nice story behind it even though it ended with just showing the beginning of the story and not really developing the characters. I enjoyed it but it certainly would be better with 2 extra volumes to complete the narrative..

    So that's it... Thanks a lot for your hard work Mr. Secret Santa
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  14. Nezume

    Nezume Member

    Thank you everyone for the recs!! I missed the deadline by almost a whole month so that's something :D. Was very whipped with work so it completely slipped my mind
    But I will watch and read everything you guys recc'd. Thanks, Jordan, Anna, Cupcakle and Pyro ^^
  15. Zed

    Zed Database Moderator

    Posted by Zed on Dec 12, 2021
    You're finally a truly cultured individual, as is your Santa.
  16. Nezume

    Nezume Member

    Also, those series are actually totally up my alley! I see all the genre tags I love so watch me finish them all XD
  17. I have just finished Terror In Resonance, and I have a strange relationship with this show. I definitely enjoyed it, hence why it got binged before the other two I said I was watching. Problem is, this enjoyment was all surface level. I enjoyed being along for the ride, intrigued by the nonsense the main two would get up to.

    See the problem? I just watched a show about terrorism and came away with the same feeling I would have watching an action thriller. That's all it is in the end. It tries to cover difficult topics, even going so far as to mirror 9/11 to some extent, but falls so unbelievably short. The show didn't make me think or question anything other than why the fuck this random girl kissed the main character and then set herself on fire.

    Five was both a good idea and a bad idea. She was fun when she was around, added some drama that made the ride all that much more enjoyable, but she also destroyed any chance of a message sticking. We never learned anything about her, only that she has a sadistic rivalry with Nine, and they were raised in the institution. Then, right near the climax, she admits to never being able to beat Nine, despite being able to kill him right then and there. She then kisses him. Then she sets herself alight.

    Then a nuke goes off above the city, sending the country into the dark ages. I have so many problems with this. For one, what was the point? They were targeting evil politicians for doing Unit 731 Orphan Edition and for some reason destroying all electronics was supposed to stop that? Despite it stopping seven years before that point. Along with it changing nothing. It was surprising, it was cool, and having the night sky so clear after the eradication of light pollution was a neat touch, but there was still no point to it. Sort of like most terrorism, but terrorism is horrific, not a neat light show like the show makes it out to be once it was all over. Again, zero deaths and the show glosses over the country's recovery, so it may as well have just been a firework.

    I also wish it followed the fallout of such an event for much longer, instead of just ending after Twelve was sniped.

    All in all, I enjoyed the ride, but I had too many problems with it to rate it all that high. Worth the watch, a lot of fun, but full of massive plot holes and shallow characters. I had a few more problems, but at the risk of sounding like I despise the show when I don't, I'll end my thoughts here. Two out of five stars.
  18. Kakajoju

    Kakajoju Well-Known Member

    Today is my birthday so I decided to watch one of the movie picks. I have chosen The Stranger by the Shore because it sounded the most interesting out of the three.

    I'd say it was okay but sadly not my taste. I think the downfall was that I don't particularly enjoy realistic books, shows etc. unless it's depicting some sort of a historical event. Yeah, there can be exceptions but this anime wasn't one of them.
  19. Cupcakle

    Cupcakle Member

    I finished I really enjoyed it, it really had me hooked in the last few episodes. In the beginning episodes not so much, since I didn't really know what was happening.
    I'm definitely going to start watching the next season after I read the manga you have given me. Overall, both of the anime's I loved, they were right up my alley and kept me hooked.:drinking:
    Later, Santa.
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  20. Qplayer

    Qplayer Well-Known Member

    The world is not ready for vore awakened Rascal. Someone stop this man before it's too late! :frustrat:
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