Anime-Planet Secret Santa 2021

Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by NorthPole, Nov 12, 2021.

  1. AnnaSartin

    AnnaSartin Database Moderator

    Have some cute catboys. Great for shutting your brain off!
  2. JordanJas

    JordanJas Bronze Supporter

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  3. gravityleap

    gravityleap Active Member

  4. Max4444

    Max4444 Well-Known Member

  5. Max4444

    Max4444 Well-Known Member

    I'm still busy stalking my recipient, but I have a bit of an idea what they like now. They seem to be pretty active on the forums, so I'm not very worried about whether they'll watch my gifts or not.
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  6. Warpuppy

    Warpuppy Well-Known Member

    I don't know if I could handle that again. In 2019 I chose 3 of the 5 things that I had watched at the time which you hadn't.
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  7. Trix0n

    Trix0n Silver Supporter

    Ahhhhhh, I'm so sad I missed this! My job keeps me so busy now x.x

    I hope everyone has lots of fun with it at least! Happy holidays and enjoy the anime, everyone. I see some great recs out there!
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  8. featherstone

    featherstone Active Member

    Sooo, I was confused this year
    1. My recipient watched/read at least 100 different titles
    2. They had ratings
    3. They were mostly similar to mine
    4. Not picky at unwanted tags
    It felt weird

    Hope my recipient enjoys them
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  9. MahLong

    MahLong Member

    I'm almost sure the joining period is over, but as I'm not 100% suuure (I know the infos have been sent but-) and it wouldn't hurt or offend to try, so I'll leave my entry here, who knows T-T don't mind me, I'm a bit sad I missed...,,,

    If any other person is late and would like recommendations, I really love giving them, just contact me =]

    Anime-Planet username: MahLong
    Link to your anime/manga list: Anime / Manga
    Anime, manga, or both is ok?
    Anything is ok !
    Maximum episode (anime) and/or volume (manga) limits:
    Up to 30 episodes or 8 volumes !
    Tags you don't want:
    Mecha, heavy Ecchi/sexualized women, Harem, Explicit, Gore, Violence, Horror, Drama
    Nothing too uncomfortable or that would make me sad, summing it up !
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  10. ermo

    ermo Member

    Posted by ermo on Nov 23, 2021
    Imagine someone excluding a really popular tag, and all the now trendy themes... Also, he/she rewatched (even multiple times!) the shows, that I either struggeled to watch till the end, or even dropped halfway through!

    Despite the obvious differences in taste I've tried my best to accomodate the wishes and find the middle ground.

    Fingers crossed and I hope my 9 month on anime was useful in picking the 'rare and the overlooked but still great' animes. :)
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  11. OkamiHime95

    OkamiHime95 Well-Known Member

    All I can say is that I feel really bad for my poor Santa if they're still deciding things for me. I know it's most likely difficult, but try to relax if you're reading this, Santa. You're not the only one whose extremely nervous. :sweat: (I'm not nervous about what you pick out, but I'm nervous that you might be secretly judging my ratings, dropped/won't watch, or my unwanted tags, since I've had people complain to me about them before. But that's probably just my anxiety kicking in...)

    This year I finally got someone whose very active here on the forums too, so that's a relief for me. I wanted to rec them a lot more things than what I gave them, since they had so many good shows in their wtw list that I've seen, but I think they'll be happy with what I gave them. One in particular I haven't seen, but I think my recipient will laugh and be excited about it. :frustrat:

    Yes, sign-ups are now closed, but since I don't mind giving recs to people who were late, or their own SS bailed on them, or were given stuff that they can't watch for whatever reason, I could attempt to give you recommendations if you like?

    Same goes to anyone else who's late or their SS bailed on them or whatever. Just PM me if ya'll are interested. :)
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  12. AnnaSartin

    AnnaSartin Database Moderator

    @Fishy116 and @Trix0n were also too late this year. Maybe they will be interested?
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  13. Mullen

    Mullen Well-Known Member

    Sent my picks earlier today. I was lucky enough to have watched some similar shows they liked. Now I'm gonna be nervous and just stalk them everyday to see if they enjoy them
  14. MahLong

    MahLong Member

    Aw, I expected it, but that's kinda sad =[
    Anyways, I would actually be very grateful if you could :crying: !! If it's not trouble for you, of course xD Thanks a lot!
  15. MahLong

    MahLong Member

    Aaaaah, we could send recs to each other too lmao xD heeeeyy @Fishy116 @Trix0n ..,,,,
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  16. Trix0n

    Trix0n Silver Supporter

    Always happy to receive recs from anyone willing! But please don't feel obligated either, I just hope everyone has fun and enjoys the new anime they get to watch.

    As it is, I just watched the Made in Abyss movie today before Season 2 and now I need to lay down for a bit and think about how I shouldn't watch sad sad sad awful terrible anime. Pretty good though, definitely recommend it.
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  17. Max4444

    Max4444 Well-Known Member

    Honestly same, people have called my taste in anime weird before and they only knew about the stuff that I thought was normal enough to tell them about. Kinda nervous about someome investigating all the anime I've watched :sweat:
  18. JordanJas

    JordanJas Bronze Supporter

    I think we all feel that a bit. I have watched some questionable things thanks to Bingo and EDS.
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  19. Max4444

    Max4444 Well-Known Member

    The bingo and EDS are good excuses for the very weird stuff that I definitely only watched for the bingo and EDS and not because I actually wanted to watch them.
  20. Pyroblade

    Pyroblade Database Moderator

    I mean, this is only my second year playing, so I don't know if I would even be included in that.
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