Anime-Planet Secret Santa 2020

Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by NorthPole, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. Safaq

    Safaq Active Member

    It just so happened that on the both sides I was paired with people leaving exactly 1 message - signing up here. Happens. Two years in a row.
    @BubliFcuk You probably will never see this, but thank you for the recommendations nonetheless. Looking at your list, it looks like our tastes are different enough to the point where I might become a troublesome recipient. It doesn't look like you watched Anohana yourself, and that was the anime I enjoed the most out of all that were suggested to me, so I appreciate the thought.
    @Belph3gor You also probably won't see this, but I'm sorry for not being able to match your tastes and give suggestions interesting enough for you to give them a try. Though it doesn't look like you watched/read much at all lately, so maybe time was the bigger issue. I didn't really know what to pick, since I don't really read much manga, and your anime list is quite short.

    In case anyone wondering, here is what I picked:
    Manga: Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso wo Kasaneru, Heads
    Anime: Seirei no Moribito, Haibane Renmei

    P.S. I think I'm about to rewatch Haibane myself, the series totally deserves it.
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  2. ermo

    ermo Well-Known Member

    @animelurv - Thank you for the recommendations. I peeked at your anime list, and now I kind of understand why we were a little bit of a mismatch. Nevertheless I really enjoyed the Secret Santa movement on this site. So I will sign up next year as well.
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  3. ermo

    ermo Well-Known Member

    If you liked them, you can take a look at my watched list and get inspiration from there any time in the future as well. ;) There is this very nice "compare list" function of this site, that was very useful for me whan I had to send in the recommendations.
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  4. samimomo

    samimomo New Member

    oh my, I just saw the previous posts, sorry
    Seriously, seriously, I'm so glad I made good recommendations and that you enjoyed them :hamster:
    and of course when you have time I hope you enjoy HXH as much as I do
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  5. OkamiHime95

    OkamiHime95 Well-Known Member

    It seems my Santa only watched 1 out of the 3 recs they gave me, (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) but whoever they are, I thank them once again for the recs. :)

    As for my own recipient, @sexualcelery I'm sorry that 2 of my recs seem to have been a "bust" but I'm happy you at least liked Kimi ni Todoke. It was EXTREMELY hard for me to find recs for you, considering what I originally was going to recommend to you, you've already watched. :sweat: I was panicking trying to find stuff, but since you said you were fine with most genre's, I figured some favorites of mine that you haven't watched would be ok. Anyway, hope you had a good Christmas/Happy Holidays.

    PS: A big thank you to those of you who chose to be my "extra credit" Santa's, and to those of you who chose to be my "adoptive" recipients! :balloon:
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  6. Gamirosh

    Gamirosh New Member

    Oh man I especially loved the music in Zankyou no Terror, the track that plays at the end of the final episode still haunts me (but like in a good way lol)
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  7. tigian

    tigian Member

    thanks a lot for the recommendations!!
    Specially because it made me try stuff that I possibly wouldn't watch and actually had a real blast binging it!
    Hope you also had some nice recommendations for you!:balloon:
  8. AllieCatDiva

    AllieCatDiva New Member


    Thanks for the recommendations! I'm sorry I only got around to watching one of them but the other two will definitely go on my TBW list for the future!
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  9. AngryJellyfish

    AngryJellyfish Active Member

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  10. ZafineCrow

    ZafineCrow Member

    @HasseRovdjur Thanks for the recommendations. They were some cute and fun anime to watch. ^_^
  11. samimomo

    samimomo New Member

    von and birden are my favorites from the original soundtrack :]
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  12. SkillsXIII

    SkillsXIII New Member

    Hey @224pika I'm your santa this time! I'm so happy that you like my recommendations! The opening theme song to how heavy are the dumbbells you lift gets me pumped up too! Sorry you hurt your back. I know to well how that can lay you up for a bit. Hopefully it is better now. A friend of mine recommend this show to me a few months back and I have been working out since. Down 20 lbs so far.

    Glad you stuck with claymore too. Sorry for the slow starting one but definitely worth it in the end.

    And Blue Gender I really enjoy too. I hope the do a reboot or a spin off.

    Hope your Christmas time was merry and you got to spend a lot of time with your loved ones. Heal up and kill it in the new year!

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  13. EastIsEarly

    EastIsEarly Well-Known Member

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  14. SkillsXIII

    SkillsXIII New Member

    @Nicknames and @Nezume
    Thank you for the great recommendations! I really enjoyed them. Hope you also got good recs. Merry Christmas!
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  15. zala

    zala Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Secret Santa. I do not know who you are, but I appreciate what you provided. Merry Christmas!

    It was fun picking these out for you, I hope that we can meet again next year.
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  16. Pyroblade

    Pyroblade Database Moderator

    Since I figured out my SS pretty early this year, I feel like I'll be sad not knowing next year. If only I get someone really talkative next year again.
  17. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    My recipient didn't watch any of my stuff, but I'm pretty sure anyone who knows me guessed who it was when they posted this.

    Like that is the standard Redneck anime platter right there.
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  18. StarPlatinum23

    StarPlatinum23 Well-Known Member

    @Ash606 I would like to say thank you so much for the picks. Even though I only got around to watching one of the picks, Doukyuusei, I highly enjoyed the movie and I will eventually get to the other 2 picks in 2021. Hope you enjoyed your picks from your SS as well.

    Even though I only saw @WeebPlanet2 post about signing up for Secret Santa, I stalked their page and saw that they watched one of my picks so that was good enough for me lol. They even gave it 5/5 stars so that was even better.

    This was my first time playing Secret Santa and I can't wait to play this again in 2021. Hope everyone enjoyed their picks and Happy New Year!
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  19. Partiallygore

    Partiallygore Active Member

    @tigian No problem, I'm really glad you enjoyed them! Having said that I think I should also be thanking you as I definitely wasn't expecting such detailed feedback on my recommendations and I had a great time reading your reviews!

    Sorry to hear you disliked Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers however that was a last minute change from Re:zero as I noticed you didn't watch many shows of the Isekai genre and was worried recommending both Konosuba and Re:zero would be too much isekai xD
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  20. tigian

    tigian Member

    yep its a genre I haven't explored much, in the past I tried some that I don't have on my list, but they either went full echi or full stupid, and from then I still haven't found some that interested me.

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