Anime-Planet Secret Santa 2020 is here! Admission is now closed

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UPDATE: The deadline has passed and participants were sent their information. If you didn't make it in time, there's always next year!


It's that time of year - Anime-Planet's annual Secret Santa event is back!

Are you in an anime or manga slump? Or ever wanted to recommend an anime or manga to someone that they might have overlooked? Join our annual Secret Santa event to take part in the fun!

The goal of Secret Santa is to make someone watch and review something that you love, or, you could be a bit evil and make them watch something terrible! But be careful, you might just get a lump of coal in your stocking in return ;)


NOTE: Last year, many people signed up and didn’t contribute any gifts for their pick (which was overwhelming for our SecretSanta and led to delays sending out the information), or didn’t watch or read any of their own picks. Because this demotivated many of you Santas, we’re changing things up a bit this year.

We ask that any Secret Santa participants agree to:

  1. Watch or read at least one of your picks. If you don’t think you’ll have time to do so, there’s always next year!
  2. Reply to the Secret Santa thread with what you thought about your pick by Christmas day. It can even be a single sentence, just let your Santa know what you thought.

If you're still interested and can commit to the above...

Learn more and join the event!
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