Anime-Planet - Monthly Marathon: Love conquers ALL! Pt 7! February 11-14

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    Posted by chii on Feb 7, 2017
    Art by pemyu

    Grab your girl or boy and sit down to watch some lovey dovey anime! If you don't have a significant other at the moment just sit back and wish you were dating the anime girl or boy of your dreams as you watch these fun romance filled anime!

    February 11-14.

    Everyone enjoys love! These anime are sure to help you feel loved!

    Recommendations: Please add Recommendations for these series once you've watched them! Every single recommendation made helps out the thousands of people who use the database each month to find new stuff to watch. Everyone who participates in this Monthly Marathon should add recommendations for other series they think a person would like, if they can think of any.

    User Reviews: User reviews don't have to be many paragraphs, or even have good English. They can be as little as a single paragraph just to explain what you thought of the series and any extra tips for the reader. The longer and more detailed the better, of course.

    Just choose a series from the list, movie, OVA, or manga and watch it! Post how many episodes you watched if you didn't complete or started off at a certain episode. Make sure you put COMPLETED LIST at the top of your post or it might not be counted. Counting will go as follows:

    1 Episode = 1 point
    1 Volume = 1 point
    1 One Shot = 1 Point
    1 OVA = 2 points
    1 Movie = 3 points
    Recommendation / User Review = 0.5 points
    Bonus 5 points if you completely finish a series

    Prizes for doing a Monthly Marathon:
    1. One lucky person with the most Points will get a badge to parade around Anime-Planet!
    2. Company while you marathon the shows with fellow Anime-Planet members
    3. Hours of anime added to your watched list
    4. Knowing you have helped out the site by adding more content to it
    5. TACO Points for TACO members

    Allowed Series

    ANYTHING that has the romance tag on Anime-Planet currently.

    Browse Romance Anime | Anime-Planet
    Romance Manga | Anime-Planet

    *All relations are also valid for points.
    *I don't care which anime/manga you THINK should have the romance tag, the ones that count for this marathon are the ones listed on AP already. Sorry for any inconveniences this creates.

    sorrrry this is so late noticeeeee

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    Completed List


    Love Stage!! OVA (OVA- 1ep)
    Isshuukan Friends (TV- 12 eps.)


    Massugu Kimi e (one-shot)
    Ouji-sama no Riyuu (one-shot)
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    Posted by YuiYui on Feb 11, 2017
    Futari no Renai Shoka - 2/2 Volumes
    The Girl on the Other Side of the Glass - 1/1 One shot
    Kuroorihime to Kawaki no Ou - 1/1 One shot
    Annarasumanara - 3/3 Volumes

    Horimiya - 2/? (Volume 5+6)

    Natsu no Arashi - 7/12 (Episodes 2-8)
    Episode one isn't included in count as it was watched before the marathon started. For this reason if I were to complete this series within the marathon, it wouldn't count for the extra points as series was started earlier.
    ef- A Tale of Memories - Episodes 2/12



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