Anime-Planet 2008 Anime Awards Winners

Discussion in 'Anime-Planet Annual Anime Awards' started by Cetonis, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    Lol. That's fair enough. A friend of mine who's a total metal head thinks it's very good metal. Taste accounts for a lot with that category.
  2. Funkgun

    Funkgun Forum Moderator

    Oh wow, I am surprised that there are that many who have actually seen Spice and Wolf to vote for it. It was a unique series. It would not have been my top choice, but I would rather it win a overall than some (including it's runner up)

    Hey thanks to Cetonis for doing all this.
  3. Worosei

    Worosei Member

    a bit odd seeing so many of the same series appearing in multiple places, though i guess that is to be expected (as already have commented).

    Surprised by Maeno winning best support; Like i like maeno, and was really into his 'story'. But somehow i felt his screen-time is a bit short to gain him that many votes... and surely there were loads of characters who were side and just as compelling.

    And whilst i did really enjoy Mnemosyne, im surprised it got voted for so much here...

    Surprised by Kurozuka winning best action too... i mean, i enjoyed kurozuka enough, but i didnt feel there was enough action in that one. Then again looking at the other choices for aciton series, there weren't a whole lot of 'serious' action animes. Would have liked some of the mechas allowed in the action catergory (like macross f)... though i wouldnt like to see code cheese win another award (even if i think the action in code geass is better than in kurozuka). I also wonder how well Shikabane Hime would have faired if Kuro can be included (as i feel the action in Kuro is much stepped up from Aka)...

    But Hurrah for HORO, and HURRAH FOR SPICY WOLF!
  4. RedMaw

    RedMaw Member

    lol, only two of those are on my watched list and only one other is on the wtw. Maybe it's time to start picking my anime more carefully.
  5. qwertyuiopz

    qwertyuiopz New Member

    omg i just finished ghost hound
    i cant believe it didnt win the mystery and scifi category
    i shoulda watched it before so i could have voted for it :|
    its extremely good and underviewed
  6. azanimefan

    azanimefan Active Member

    meh... I'm sorta puzzled why kanji was in the sports section... i suppose it's because Texas hold'em is shown on ESPN... it really should have been in the drama section.

    But then I'll not nitpick. I just got a new "must see" viewing list... thanks to this thread. I need to see a lot of the winners... because i've not seen them yet. I always heard such horrible bad things about "spice wolf" and clannad i never was interested in seeing them.

    But it seems they were well liked here... so i got to give em a go.

    (i was looking forward to this not because i wanted to see "my" anime win... but because it's votes like this that lead you to unexpectedly good anime)


    EDIT: ugh... well that theory fell flat.

    i tried clannad & spice and wolf

    I should have listened to my friends on that... Clannad... was just... ugh... no thank you... awful. Spice and Wolf was not bad... but not that good. mediocre.

    I'll see what else is in the awards winners and runner up lists and give a few others a shot... is it bad that of the top 3, i only liked one of them? Maybe I'll try Kurozuka next...
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