Anime Lottery Game: Fall 2021

Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by Gens, Sep 26, 2021.

  1. Thrawn


    I just remembered lottery so I’m going to recheck what I have to watch tomorrow. And then post all the episodic thoughts to show @Gens up. All about sending a message
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  2. Hayane

    Hayane Well-Known Member

    Finished shikizakura and unsurprisingly between the day I caught up and now watching the finale episode, I couldn't remember what was the story even about again. I started and pretty much could connect the dots since this plot is so repetitive..boy meets about to sacrifice herself girl for the greater good...and I will probably forget about ever watching it.
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  3. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

  4. Aratakun

    Aratakun Active Member

    I have watched 12 episodes of " Banished from the hero's party I decided to live a quiet life in the country side" but I think series hasn't ended yet.
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  5. JordanJas

    JordanJas Bronze Supporter

    Last ep airs tomorrow.
  6. Aratakun

    Aratakun Active Member

    Hee finished my second pick
    " Banished from the hero's party I decided to live a quiet life in the country side"
  7. Aratakun

    Aratakun Active Member

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  8. howtoprocrastinate

    howtoprocrastinate Well-Known Member

    Finished Tesla Note and boy do I want my time back. One of the few shows that I could not stand the animation. Well, I got what I signed up for. Pure pain
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  9. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    OH i finished that too, forgot to mention it :D
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  10. howtoprocrastinate

    howtoprocrastinate Well-Known Member

    I raise a glass to my companion in suffering through Tesla Note
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  11. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Well-Known Member

    So I guess it was less Nikola Tesla and more Elon Musk.
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  12. Sabure

    Sabure Well-Known Member

    Finally finished my second Lottery pick - Shikizakura. Not much to say about this forgettable POS in that this show was a complete chore to watch - bad and confusing plot, uninteresting characters, obsessively annoying antagonist, and the animation was pretty cheesy. At least the OP was pretty catchy, but that's the only positive thing I have to say about this show. I gave it a 2/5.
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  13. StarPlatinum23

    StarPlatinum23 Active Member

    I finished my shows yesterday; Deep Insanity, Tesla Note, and Irina.

    Irina had an interesting plot but had boring characters and the dumb letter change of USSR to UZSR. I would give this a 2.5/5.

    Tesla Note was just ugly to look at and I don't normally factor in art style into my watching experience. I would give this a 1/5.

    Deep Insanity had the best plot out of the 3 to me but the execution was bad with boring characters. I would this give a 3/5.
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  14. Taybella99

    Taybella99 Well-Known Member

    I watched 2 anime:

    Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut which I rated 2.5/5 stars. I was never really looking forward to watching it. I’m not a huge fan of vampire anime and the concept of this one just didn’t align with my interests. The animation wasn’t bad and I liked the OP though.

    Banished From the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside which I rated 3.5/5 stars. I usually like adventure anime, but I did not really get into this one.
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  15. Jshain411

    Jshain411 New Member

    Finished the Faraway Paladin and really enjoyed it. I liked the show I have gotten both seasons I've done the lottery, but enjoyed this one more. Will definitely be watching the next season when it airs.
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  16. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    Posted by Rascal on Jan 3, 2022
    What? Paladin was even an option for this? Man I wish I would have gotten that one. That show was dope.
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