Anime Bingo Challenge: Winter 2022 Edition

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by AnimeBingoChallenge, Dec 31, 2021.

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    Approved! You now have 39 Seinen points.
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  3. Inu230

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    A4) The Legend of Hei
    • Watched Feb 9th
    I5] Salaryman's Club
    • March 16th-ongoing

    A2] Cue!
    • March 16th-ongoing
    M1] Cue! & Chrome Shelled Regios

    I1] Police in a Pod,
    • March 24th-31st
    A5] Shenmue the Animation
    • March 23rd - ongoing
    I4]Granblue Fantasy The Animation
    • March 18th-23rd
    I2) Let's Make a Mug Too
    • MARCH 23=24tth
    N3] Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest
    • March 12th-23rd
    N1) Real Drive
    • Watched Feb 15th - 27th
    N5) Sasaki and Miyano
    • Jan 31st - March 29th
    M4) By the Grace of the Gods

    I3) FREE


    E2) Ranking of Kings
    • march 31st
    E5) The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace
    • Watched Jan 27-29
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    Approved! You now have 669 Final Claim points.
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    And that ends the season! Thanks for playing!
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  6. CodexScript

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    Will there be a Spring edition this year?
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  7. Timed

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    Yes, there is one every season and the spring thread is up here
  8. CodexScript

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    Ah, I was in the wrong forum. No wonder I couldn't find it.
    Sorry about that. Thank you.
  9. danallender

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    And I'm just thinking about how to start watching anime)
  10. Reiiok

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    Looking at getting more involved in the anime community so I’ll give this a shot!
  11. Noitra

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    Give me a card, please.
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    Give me a card. I hope this time I will be able to complete my card this time.
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    You should visit this thread for a card. Have fun :D
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