Anime Bingo Challenge: Winter 2019

Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by MistLiigh, Dec 27, 2018.

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    2nd Card Progress --> Finished:
    A3 [Watch an anime that aired less than a year ago]:
    A5 [Watch an anime based on a light novel]:
    N4 [Watch a mystery anime]:
    A1 [Watch an anime from the 2010's]:
    M2 [Add 2 recommendations for anime older than 1 year]: Orange <--> Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.
    BINGO! ツ

    I2 [Watch an anime under recommendation]: {Because I watched Space Battleship Tiramisu}.
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  6. MistLiigh

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    APPROVED! This brings you to 118 points!

    Unfortunately, I have to deny this one, as the recommendation squares are intended to be recommendations from your fellow ABCers. From the task list in the initial post:
    You could still claim Gakuen Handsome for a different square that it could qualify for though, and you may want to ask for some recs. A couple people earlier in the thread have also given shows that they recommend to anyone who wants to try them.

    APPROVED! Congratulations on your first bingo! You now have 14 points!
  7. Jayfeather

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    I want to join
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  9. ZetsubouKaiji

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    N2 I watched this Kyomu Senshi Miroku.
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  10. feinraf

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    Got a few I can tick off but waiting to make sure I'm doing it the most efficient way, few that can fit into multi categories!
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  11. MistLiigh

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    It would be helpful if you could include a link next time, but APPROVED nonetheless! You're up to 3 points.

    Me too
  12. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Had trouble finding the series that only 17 people on the site have marked as watched?
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  13. TurkeyGami

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    It's like 2x faster to put scores in the records if people post links to what they watched
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  14. MistLiigh

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    No, I just searched the name and it came right up lol. It's just a lot easier to just click a link, especially when several claims build up.
  15. Inu230

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    --> E4[Rewatch an anime you've seen before]: Controller of Controller doesn't fit any of my other squares that I plan on completing for my current card so I'll just save it for the next {fingers crossed}. I'll use InuYasha Movie 3 instead --> {My fav InuYasha movie =}

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    This and the one that's lost in the accidentally all-consuming quote tag are both APPROVED! You're up to 120 points, and my jealousy of how much time you spending binging anime continues to build XD You have got to be on a break or something lol
  17. Inu230

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    This is actually the first month in years that I've had less restricted computer time and I am milking it as much as possible =}

    As I said when I got my first black-out, this game's helping me cut down my want to watch list [I've almost got less than 600 on there now ^^] and everything I watch also builds up my "2019 Anime Watching Challenge" and I've made progress on the "Winter 2019 Anime Challenge" I love when I can combine tasks

    Personally I'd say you've got more free time as you came up with this game and track all progress and are pretty quick to respond to posts
    N1 [Watch a romance anime]:
    N2 Watch a seinen anime]:
    N3: [Watch a harem anime]: Why do I keep getting this one? *facepalm* … shortest one I could find:
    BINGO! =)

    A4 [Watch an anime based on a visual novel]:
    BINGO!! =)

    M4 [Write a public review for an anime older than 1 year old]:
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  18. Inu230

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    Hello Fellow ANIME BINGO players

    I need a recommendation to fulfill one of my squares.

    Anyone care to assist?
  19. MistLiigh

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    APPROVED! You're up to a whopping 135 points :o

    Eeeeh, I'm just at the computer a lot. I should typically be doing other things with it :baka: I pretty much just smacked all this together over a couple of evenings, not thinking it would be so popular O-o
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  20. WonderBoom

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    APPROVED. +0.5 claim society points. Oh, sorry, wrong thread.
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