Anime Bingo Challenge: Summer 2021 Edition

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    A1 - Watch an anime based on a manga: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2000) (Start 7/17 End 7/18)
    N4 - Watch an ecchi anime: Photon: The Idiot Adventures (Start 7/13 End 7/17)
    M1 - Rate 2 anime: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou 2.5/5 (7/21) & Dies irae: The Dawning Days 2/5 (7/20)
    M2 - Rate 2 anime: WorldEnd 4/5 (7/20) & Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 4/5 (7/19)
    M3 - Join an anime discussion: My Discussion Post
    M4 - Rate an anime: Apocalypse Zero 1/5 (7/18)
    M5 - Rate 3 anime: A Bridge to the Skies OVA 2.5/5 (7/17), 86 4/5 (7/17) & Photon: The Idiot Adventures 2/5 (7/17)
    E5 - Watch a 10+ episode anime: 86 (Start 7/11 End 7/17)

    BINGO! (Column M)
  4. JordanJas

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    M1. Love a Character.
    Loved Giovanni Ma.

    M2. Suggestion Request.
    Post 539 for Ironsakura.

    M3. Love 3.
    Loved Brock and Tohru Honda, Hated Paul.

    M4. Add 2 or Rate 2.
    Rated Wu Dong Qiankun 3.5* and Antidote 4*.

    M5. Suggestion Request.
    Post 519 for Kacchaan.

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  5. Sabure

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    SEMI-APPROVED! M2, M4, and M5 were all DENIED because I didn't see anywhere on your feed that you actually rated the following titles:
    - WorldEnd (M2)
    - Apocalypse Zero (M4)
    - Photon: The Idiot Adventures (M5)

    If you can rate those titles and have them show up on your feed, then I can approve these three squares.
    All of you other claims were APPROVED and you now have 110 Bizarre points.
  6. JordanJas

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  7. Sabure

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    APPROVED! You now have 223 Overflow points.
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  8. ironsakura

    ironsakura Well-Known Member

    OK, I re-rated them. Sorry about that.
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  9. Sabure

    Sabure Well-Known Member

    OK, looks good! You denied claims are now APPROVED and you now have 118 Ratings points.
  10. OkamiHime95

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    FINALLY got some claims! (Those 2 & 3 cour shows I've been watching this month really killed me on time... x_x )

    N2 - Horror.
    Started on 7/16, and finished on 7/21.

    N5 - Mythology.
    Started on 7/15, and finished on 7/17.

    I1 - By A-1 Pictures.
    Started on 7/13, and finished on 7/16.

    Would like another card, please! :banana::pickleda::duck:
  11. Mitsu177

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    Yes, its I4.
    Sorry abt the miss there.
  12. Mochacatisfine

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  13. Sabure

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    APPROVED! You now have 105 Machi Head Tour points and a new card.

    A1 is NOT APPROVED because the title's runtime is less than the minimum of 15 minutes (the runtime is only 13 minutes).
    E5 is APPROVED and you now have 119 Makoto Shinkai points.
  14. Nekus

    Nekus Well-Known Member


    I1) Watch an anime you’ve never seen: I watched Saint Young Men OVA on the 22/07
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  15. Sabure

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    APPROVED! You now have 32 Deity points.
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  16. Rasacera

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  17. Marsan

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  18. Sabure

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    APPROVED! You now have 4 Beastar points. Please make sure you mark the first episode as "watching" on future claims.

    APPROVED! You now have 31 Chizu points.
  19. Nekus

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  20. JordanJas

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