Anime Bingo Challenge: Fall 2021 Edition

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  1. OkamiHime95

    OkamiHime95 Well-Known Member

    A2 - Based on a novel/web novel/light novel.
    Started on 11/22, and finished on 11/23.
    A4 - Chinese or Korean.
    Started on 11/20, and finished on 11/22.

    N2 - Magic or magical girl.
    Started & finished on 11/23.
    N3 - Shoujo or Josei.
    Started & finished on 11/23.

    N5 - Food related.
    Started & finished on 11/23.

    M2 - Add 2 recs or rate 2 anime. I rated My Hero Academia season 4 at 3.5 stars, and My Hero Academia Movie 2: Heroes' Rising at 4 stars.

    M3 - Rate an anime. I rated Tamayura 3 stars.

    M4 - Write a review or rate 2 anime. I rated Yatogame-chan 3 stars, and Mo Dao Zu Shi 4 stars.

    M5 - Rate 3 anime. I rated Mo Dao Zu Shi 2 at 4 stars, Dragon Age 3, and Kogepan 4 stars.

    E1 - Rewatch.
    Started on 11/20, and finished on 11/23.

    E2 - Watch an anime rated 3 stars or less. (It was 2.99 out of 5, before I rated it.)
    Started on 11/21, and finished on 11/22.

    E3 - Watch an anime rated 4 stars or above.
    Started on 10/26, and finished on 11/10.

    E4 - Less than 10 episodes.
    Started & finished on 10/26.

    E5 - OVA or special.
    Started on 11/20, and finished on 11/21.

    Edit: Idk what the heck happened, but my claims look weird and it won't let me fix them no matter how many times I try, (I've tried 6 times to fix them) so I apologize if it's confusing.
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  2. Kc5530

    Kc5530 Well-Known Member

    Hello, I think there is a mistake with my current score of 204 points; I think it should be 209 points. I got two blackouts and an extra point because someone watched an anime that I suggested. Thank you
    A3: 2010's:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    N3: School Life or Work-Life:

    N4: Action or Adventure:

    I4: J.C Staff:

    M1: Rate 1 Anime:

    M2: Answer Suggestion Request:
    M3: Rate 2 Anime:;

    M5: Love/Hate 3 Characters:;

    E2: Short Episodes:

    E4: 10+ Episodes:

    E5: 20+ Episodes:
    Thank you!
  3. Sabure

    Sabure Well-Known Member

    We fixed your score last night so it's showing at 209. Check the main scoreboard.
  4. Kc5530

    Kc5530 Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much!
  5. Sabure

    Sabure Well-Known Member


    I1: Watch an anime by suggestion - Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun 2
    Watched from November 22 to November 24
    Suggested to me by @AssistBot on Post #67
    Bingo! x 2 (Column I and the top row)

    E2: Re-watch an anime - Your lie in April
    Watched from November 22 to November 24
    Bingo! x 2 (Column E and the second row)

    That's another Blackout! May I have a new card, please? Thanks!
  6. Lenachan3ko

    Lenachan3ko Well-Known Member

  7. ThePotatoKiller

    ThePotatoKiller Active Member

    I looking for some wonderful suggestions!
    Something I haven't seen before and no more than 13 episodes
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  8. KathyKatz

    KathyKatz Database Moderator

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  9. KathyKatz

    KathyKatz Database Moderator

    APPROVED! You now have 450 apocalyptic points!

    APPROVED! You now have 210 feudal points!

    APPROVED! You now have 271 shoujo points!

    APPROVED! You now have 220 Saiki points!
    Also, for the answering a suggestion request square, please provide the link of the post you made next time, as that prevents us from having to go through the thread to find your post and validate the claim :sweat:

    APPROVED! You now have 208 tear-jerker points!
    Also @AssistBot gets a point for his recommendation, leaving them with a score of 19 points!

    APPROVED! You now have 104 skull-faced points!
    Also @OkamiHime95 gets a point for her recommendation!
  10. Sabure

    Sabure Well-Known Member

    My new card has a suggestion square so I would like to have some suggestions, please. I'm open to anything except BL, horror, and anything with explicit sex and/or violence. Preferably something I haven't watched before and something with 13 episodes or less. Thanks.
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  11. Sabure

    Sabure Well-Known Member

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  12. JordanJas

    JordanJas Bronze Supporter

  13. Leahchu

    Leahchu Well-Known Member

    Hi, sorry I actually did take a screenshot of the score and did forget to add it to the post, but the score was indeed 2.9 at the time. Since the claim was for a show ranked 3* or less, is 2.9 not allowed?
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  14. JordanJas

    JordanJas Bronze Supporter

    You could watch:

    I hope one sounds interesting!
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  15. Lenachan3ko

    Lenachan3ko Well-Known Member

    Small claim for my new card before I watch some new stuff!

    A4: Watch an anime based on a visual novel with Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    Started on 10/31 and finished on 11/23!

    Also, I think my points are a bit messed up.. This is my 3rd card, but my 1st card's points aren't included in my score I think? I didn't notice until now but hopefully it isn't too much of a problem to fix!
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  16. JordanJas

    JordanJas Bronze Supporter

    According to our records, on card 1 you did not claim 9 of the squares on your card, leaving you with 30 points from card 1.

    On card 2 you did not claim E4, so you did not get the bingos associated with that square, nor the blackout bonus which left you with 73 points from that card for a total of 103 points.

    You also have a Recommendation point leaving you with a total of 104 points for your score as of right now.

    Please let me know if anything seems incorrect.
  17. Kc5530

    Kc5530 Well-Known Member (The cast was amazing, and I really liked the story) (You get to learn about animals while watching anime) (There's fanservice, but it's an anime about boys swimming, so there's bound to be some) (Opening and ending songs are incredible)
  18. Kc5530

    Kc5530 Well-Known Member (The ending song is one of the most majestic things I've ever seen) (Learning about animals while watching anime is a win-win) (A short OVA about Nekoma and Fukurodani)
  19. KathyKatz

    KathyKatz Database Moderator

    My bad, I was running on low sleep there and missed that it's now 3 stars or less instead of the old 2 stars or less. :sweat:
    Your claim was approved, however providing screens of the rating before you watch the show does help make our job a bit easier.
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  20. ermo

    ermo Active Member

    Posted by ermo on Nov 25, 2021
    Hi, I took a look at your want to watch list, and I would go for these: (Movie, great illustration and quite good stroy.) (For baseball fans only.) (If you want something with intense emotions.)

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