Anime Bingo Challenge: Fall 2021 Edition

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    Hiya! I'm very late, but may I have a card, please? Thank you!
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    My bingo Card pls
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    Approved! You now have 4 Retsuko Points!

    Sorry for the Delay! Welcome Back! Here is your card:

    Approved! You now have 14 Sleepy Points!

    Approved! You now have 50 Ghost King Points!

    Approved! You now have 5 Space Points!

    Welcome to the Game! Please make sure you read all the rules in the first post and bookmark the link I am about to give you so you can find your card later. Feel free to ask us any questions here or on the discord page. Here is your card:
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    A5: watch an anime based on a manga
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    APPROVED! You now have 73 musical points!

    APPROVED! You now have 20 showbiz points!
    APPROVED! You now have 11 witch points!
    Also Warpuppy gets a point for his recommendation leaving him with 10 points!
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    A1 - 2020's.
    Started on 10/1, and finished on 10/10.
    N1 - Psychological.
    Started on 10/11, and finished on 10/13.

    N2 - Watch an anime with a continent or country tag.
    Started & finished on 10/14.

    N3 - Mecha or Sci-fi.
    Started on 10/7, and finished on 10/8.

    N4 - Fantasy or Isekai.
    Started & finished on 10/10.

    N5 - Apocalypse (or post-apocalyptic)
    Started on 10/12, and finished on 10/15.
    I1 - By Doga Kobo.
    Started & finished on 10/12.

    I4 -By TMS Entertainment.
    Started on 10/6, and finished on 10/8.
    E1 - 10+ episodes.
    Started on 10/4, and finished on 10/11.

    E5 - Web anime.
    Started & finished on 10/8.
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    May I have a card please.
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