Anime Bingo Challenge: Fall 2019

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Which of these anime should we group-watch?

Poll closed Oct 4, 2019.
  1. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

  2. Given

  3. Highschool of the Dead

  4. Kiznaiver

  5. Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team

  6. ReLIFE

  7. Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

  8. Yuri!!! on Ice

  9. Magical Girl Raising Project

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. MistLiigh

    MistLiigh Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the Anime-Planet Anime Bingo Challenge!
    Can you handle these ABCs?

    This is an event that I intend to hold each anime season, as both a competition and a way to hopefully encourage people to keep up their anime watching and maybe try a couple of shows they wouldn’t have watched otherwise. In addition, contribution to the A-P community through discussions, reviews, and recommendations are highly encouraged!

    Beginning of season: October 1st, 2019
    Series must be completed no later than: December 31st, 2019
    Claims must be posted no later than: January 1st, 2020

    Current Scores and Rankings

    The Rules
    All you have to do to sign up is post in this thread requesting a bingo card at any time prior to the last two weeks of the season (of course, the sooner the better)! Then, as soon as we’re able, we will respond with an image of a randomly generated 5x5 bingo card (with free space) filled with anime watching tasks, which you should bookmark for your convenience.

    Then throughout the season, you can claim squares for tasks that you’ve completed during the season by posting here, listing what square(s) you are claiming and any information necessary to verify the task; unless stated otherwise in the task descriptions below, this will simply be a link to the Anime-Planet entry for the anime you watched. Note that for an anime to count towards a task, you must have both started and finished the series and posted your claim between the beginning of the season and the deadline at the end of the season (listed above). The exception is ongoing anime that air over multiple seasons, including the current one: you may claim these series for any one season during which they air, as long as you are completely caught up with the last episode that will air during the current season. Also, you can only claim any given anime for a single task, and can’t change your claims once they’ve been approved, so choose carefully!

    Each square you claim on your bingo card (free space excluded) will earn you 1 point. Each bingo (5-in-a-row in any direction: horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) will net you an extra 5 bonus points, and if you can manage to claim every space on your card, then you’ll score another 20 bonus points! So with 24 tasks, 12 possible bingos, and the “black-out” bonus, each card can be worth as many as 104 points!

    But that doesn’t mean you can only earn 104 points per season; if you like, at any time after claiming at least one bingo bonus or at least 10 spaces regardless of bingos, you may request a new card to begin on! However, note that you can only have one active card at a time, and once you’ve been given a new card, you can’t go back and make any claims on a previous one. There are no re-rolls, you get whatever you’re given, so make sure you’re ready for anything! Also, you can't carry a card over from one season to another, so make sure you claim everything you can before the deadline! You also have the opportunity to earn additional points by answering when your fellow players ask for recommendations to fill their “Watch an anime under recommendation” squares: if your recommendation is chosen and claimed, you’ll also get 1 point for helping them out, so be sure to give the best recommendations you can!

    Throughout the season, you can choose to spend your points on certain rewards, detailed in the “Rewards” section below. You’ll also receive a special badge image at the end of the season showing your name, final score, and overall ranking for the season, which you can display on your profile or forum signature, and of course bragging rights!

    The Tasks
    The tasks that will appear on your bingo card mostly require watching anime. Anime showing a total runtime less than 15 minutes are no longer allowed (except for review and recommendation spaces), but otherwise any anime with a listing on this site will do, so long as it meets any conditions specified by the task. So if the task is to “Watch an anime from the 90’s,” for example, it doesn’t matter if it’s a full TV series, OVAs, or even a movie, as long as it aired during the 90’s and has an entry on this site. Likewise, if a time period isn’t specified, then it doesn’t have to be a new show from the current season (though it can be)!

    Instead of the letters “B-I-N-G-O,” the columns on your card will be labeled with the letters “A-N-I-M-E.” Each column has a different theme for its tasks, which will be described in more detail below. Note that some tasks may show up more than once on the same card, but you must still complete two separate anime to claim two spaces, even if they are the same task!

    Column A - Age & Source
    The tasks in this column will ask you to choose an anime based on either when it was released or what type of source material it was adapted from. This information can typically be found on the anime’s page here on A-P: when it aired at the top of the page, and the source among its tags.

    Column N - (k)Now Your Genres
    This column is all about genres, everything from shounen and shoujo to action and sci-fi! All of these genres can be found in the tags on the anime’s entry here, and it must have the matching tag in order to be claimed, so make sure to check beforehand!

    Column I - I’ve heard of that!
    This column’s tasks tend to be a little less restrictive than the previous two; most of the tasks simply ask you to watch an anime that was made by a well-known studio, whose catalogs you can browse here (it doesn’t matter if there’s more than one studio listed for the series, as long as the one assigned is in the list). However, there are also a couple of oddballs whose rules are worth reading below… Remember too that this column will have your free space!

    • Watch an anime under recommendation (For this one, you’ll need to make a post in this thread asking for a recommendation from your fellow ABCers! Make sure to note any no-go’s or must-haves, and quote the response with the recommendation you chose when you claim the square. The more specific you are, the better recommendations you’ll get! When giving recommendations, remember that you will receive a point yourself if yours is chosen, so try to take the receiver’s list into account and avoid recommending something they’ve already seen or likely won’t have an interest in.)
    • Watch an anime you’ve never seen (This one’s almost as good as another free space! Just watch any anime that you haven’t already seen before, as long as you’re not claiming it for any other space.)
    • Watch an anime by Production I.G.
    • Watch an anime by MADHOUSE
    • Watch an anime by Studio Deen
    • Watch an anime by J.C. Staff
    • Watch an anime by A-1 Pictures
    • Watch an anime by Toei Animation
    • Watch an anime by TMS Entertainment
    • Watch an anime by Kyoto Animation
    • Watch an anime by SILVER LINK
    • Watch an anime by Studio Pierrot

    Column M - Make A-P Better!
    Column M is all about contributing to the Anime-Planet community with reviews, recommendations, and discussion! Reviews are no longer required to be visible to everyone, as long as they are visible on your profile so that we can see it. Reviews that are made fully public should still follow all site rules and guidelines, including length, while we only ask that non-public reviews offer some sort of review-like content (why did you like/dislike the series?) and follow general rules (no offensive or illegal content, etc.). Similarly, recommendations must be given with some sort of logic. Please don’t make more work for sothis and the mod team by submitting low-quality public reviews or spam recommendations just to claim a space. Repeat offenders may find themselves banned from future seasons of ABC.

    Take note that the tasks in this column are the exception to a few rules: you can claim a review or recommendation (or both!) for an anime you’re also claiming for a different space or for anime not normally allowed for claiming (such as those under 15 minutes), you can claim multiple recommendations for the same series (obviously the other end of the recommendation must be different for each one), and you simply need to submit the review or recommendation during the current season; these do not have to be anime you watched during the season (though it certainly helps if you’ve seen it recently!). When you claim one of these spaces, please include a link to the specific review you’re claiming for a review task, or your recommendations page (not the anime’s) for a recommendations task (and a list of the specific recommendations claimed). Note that two-way recommendations count as 2 separate recommendations.

    The only task in this column where you’ll be claiming the anime itself is “Group-watch an anime,” a special watch task that asks you to watch the anime together with one or more other users and discuss it! Note that this does not have to be a simul-watch; it is perfectly acceptable for each participant to watch on their own time and simply share their thoughts in the anime’s discussion thread. This can include participation in one of the official ABC group watches (more details below), a group watch coordinated through the Find Your Anime Buddy thread or another AP club (such as DTAB or ALG), or a personal group-watch with one or more other Anime-Planet users, as long as you are not alone and help to create new discussion in the anime’s thread. Please note, per-episode impressions and other specific discussion (especially anything that might require a spoiler tag) should go in the specific anime’s discussion thread, not here!

    • Write a review for an anime
    • Add 2 recommendations for anime
    • Write a review or add 2 recommendations for anime
    • Group-watch an anime (See above for rules)

    Column E - Everything Else
    This column is something of a catch-all for tasks that don’t quite fit in the other columns, so there’s a bit of variety, and a likely place for new additions down the road!

    • Watch an anime with less than 10 episodes
    • Watch a 10+ episode anime
    • Watch a 20+ episode anime
    • Re-watch an anime you’ve seen before
    • Watch an anime with short episodes (12 minute episodes or less, matching the “Short Episodes” tag)
    • Watch an anime movie
    • Watch an OVA or special (includes both TV and DVD specials)
    • Watch an anime rated 2 stars or less
    • Watch an anime from your dropped list (you have to finish it to claim this space! If you have nothing on your dropped list, you can default to your stalled or won’t watch lists. If you’re diligent enough to have nothing in any of these lists but still really want to claim this space, then post here explaining this situation and get a recommendation for a show you’ll want to drop!)

    ABC Group Watches
    We will be organizing a series of group watches for various anime, suggested and chosen by our fellow ABCers! No one is required to participate, but all are encouraged to join if they have the time! Also note that this does not require you to watch at precisely the same time as anyone else or be live-reacting or anything of that nature; keep reading for more details, but all we ask is that you do the best you’re able to watch at a similar pace and come join the discussion thread between episodes.

    At the beginning of the season (tentatively for the first week, depending upon how many suggestions we get), we will accept suggestions for potential group watches! Suggestions must be allowable claims under the rules of the game (i.e. in the AP database and at least 15 minutes long in total). Please limit yourself to your best 1 to 2 suggestions. Ideal suggestions should meet most if not all of the following criteria:
    • Eligible to be claimed for a wide variety of different tasks
    • A reasonable length, most often either a movie or a series with 26 episodes or less
    • Have a wide appeal, so many people will want to watch or re-watch it
    • Be finished airing, and have no prerequisites to viewing (such as prior seasons) unless they were also group watched for a recent ABC season

    Once the suggestion window is closed, assuming there are more suggestions than we can reasonably squeeze into one season, a poll will be added to the thread with all suggestions, where you will be able to vote for one week on which options you would be most interested in! Once the poll closes, I will put together a schedule using the top choices, based on the time available. These groups will also be posted in the FYAB thread, so others outside of ABC can also join in the fun!

    When the scheduled start date arrives for a group watch you're interested in, simply watch at your convenience, trying to stick relatively close to the prescribed pace if possible, and post your thoughts in the anime's discussion thread. Don't worry too much if you fall behind: the pace is meant more as a guideline than a rule. The goal is simply to enjoy watching the series and discussing it with others who have it fresh in their minds, there is no penalty for finishing a little late (or a little early), dropping out, or even not participating in the first place; think of this more as a community event than a part of the game.

    Once the series is completed, you can then claim it for any eligible space on your bingo card just like anything else you watch. As long as you contributed to the discussion, the space you claim can be a “Group-watch an anime” space!

    These numbers are adjusted to account for only users registered to play in the Anime Bingo Challenge for Fall 2019.

    Highschool of the Dead - 16 votes
    Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo - 14
    ReLIFE - 13
    Kiznaiver - 9
    Given - 7
    Yuri!!! On Ice - 5
    Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team - 4
    Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei - 4
    Magical Girl Raising Project - 3



    At the end of the season, in addition to bragging rights for the top-scoring players, all players who earn at least 1 point will be given a specially-made badge image, showing your username, final score, and overall ranking amongst all players! The top three scorers will have their ranking colored gold, silver, or bronze respectively, as an extra little bonus! Show it off in your profile and/or forum signature (or don’t, we can’t force you)! Of course we ask that you please link to the thread, preferably through the following link that will always point to the current season’s thread:

    The prestige of having points is great, but sometimes, you just want to spend them! Luckily, we have a few ways you can do just that:

    10 points - You get to take control of either @MistLiigh’s, @FriendlyDemon’s, @AngelBeatsYui's, @Fluffs's, @feinraf‘s, @howtoprocrastinate's, or @Oceanwithwaves's forum signature! Put whatever you like below every one of their posts for a minimum of 1 week, subject to the following limitations:
    • All content must be PG-13 and follow all site rules and guidelines
    • Excessively tall content must be placed in a spoiler tag
    • Your content will be in addition to any other content the chosen user decides to keep in their signature (club banners, etc.). You may not ask them to remove such content.
    • The user whose sig is being affected has the final say on what is allowable and may veto any content they deem unreasonable; we will certainly try to let you have your fun, but these decisions are final. Points will not be deducted until the content is agreed upon.

    25 points - You get to take control of @howtoprocrastinate's, @feinraf‘s, or @Thrawn 's avatar for a week! This reward is one at a time, first come first served. The following limitations apply:
    • All content must be PG-13 and follow all site rules and guidelines
    • The user whose avatar is being affected has the final say on what is allowable and may veto any content they deem unreasonable; we will certainly try to let you have your fun, but these decisions are final. Points will not be deducted until the content is agreed upon.

    Varies - Force @FriendlyDemon, @AngelBeatsYui, @howtoprocrastinate, @Oceanwithwaves, or @Thrawn to watch an anime of your choosing, which must be finished before the end of the season (within reason of course)! The cost for this is mostly based on length: 3 points for a movie or a series up to 6 episodes, 8 points for as many as 13 episodes, and a series up to 26 episodes is 20 points. Each episode beyond 26 up to 50 adds 1 point, 2 points per episode from 51 to 100, and 3 points per episode beyond 100. If this is a re-watch of an anime they have already seen and rated 2 stars or less, multiply the point cost by 1.5 (rounding up to the nearest whole point), or by 2 if their rating is 1 or less.
    If choosing FriendlyDemon, you can also take priority, forcing her to finish within a week (again, within reason) by doubling the point cost, or for 2.5 times the cost you can jump straight to the front of the line, ahead of everything else on her list! However, only one person can take priority at a time, once anyone has purchased this reward with priority you’ll have to wait until she’s finished to give her another priority viewing!
    She has also requested two special exceptions to the normal point costs. In her own words:
    Please let us know if you’d like to volunteer for these or another reward!

    Want to help spread the word about the Anime Bingo Challenge? Well, our fantastic feathery friend @TurkeyGami has generously created a pair of banners just for us! Just include one of the BBCodes below in your signature to tell everyone you know your ABC's! (Credit to @OneCraftyLady for the ultra-thin banner!)



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  2. MistLiigh

    MistLiigh Well-Known Member

    And of course I’ll be playing too! Here is my card as an example:

    @FriendlyDemon will once again be helping me keep up with the claims! Please treat her word over claims as you would mine :)

    If you’re returning from the Summer season, there’s only been one real codified change: based on feedback from you, we’re shaking up the list of studios in the I column a little bit! There are a lot of studios that deserve some attention, but some have larger catalogs than others; so, we’ve decided that from now on, we’ll be swapping out a few studios each season. Popular studios with large and varied catalogs to choose from will be more likely to stick around more often, while those with fewer series may only be included from time to time. Based on some esoteric mixture of careful consideration, user input, and random chance, we’ve made the following changes to the studio list this season:

    Removed: Gainax, Bones, Sunrise, Shaft
    Added: TMS Entertainment, Kyoto Animation, SILVER LINK, Studio Pierrot

    Don’t worry too much if one of your favorites got axed or didn’t get added this season, as we’ll be shaking up the roster again next season, and we’ll definitely want to hear your input! (Just, wait until we ask for it, please; three months is a long time, we’ll forget if you tell us now ><)

    Alright, let’s get group watch suggestions going so we can start voting ahead of the season and get watching as soon as possible! I will suggest:

    Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei - I’m told this is some pretty dark comedy, so I’m intrigued…

    Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo - Based on the classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo, I’ve had this on my WTW list for yeeeeaaaars. Someone else suggested it in Spring and it just missed being included, so I wanted to give it another chance.
  3. howtoprocrastinate

    howtoprocrastinate Well-Known Member

    Could I have a bingo card for the upcoming season?
  4. KathyKatz

    KathyKatz Database Moderator

    Like I said on the Summer Bingo Thread I would love to give it a shot to helping out with the bingo!
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
  5. RascaI

    RascaI Well-Known Member

    Posted by RascaI on Sep 20, 2019
    Cant believe this lives on
  6. Sabure

    Sabure Well-Known Member

    Posted by Sabure on Sep 20, 2019
    Oh, I'm definitely playing this season. Nice to see you took one of my suggestions for the studio rotation (Kyoto Animation) so thanks for that!

    Here are my suggestions for the Group Watch:

    - Yuri!!! On Ice: I heard a lot of hype about this show and everyone I know says that it's very good.
    - Highschool of the Dead: With Halloween coming up seems like an appropriate title.
  7. OtakuSanji

    OtakuSanji Well-Known Member

    I would like to participate again. Three months should be enough time for me to finish at least one card. ^^;;
  8. SongShard

    SongShard New Member

    I'll have a go at it!
  9. hell0emi

    hell0emi Well-Known Member

    I’ll be playing again. *waves*
  10. Oceanwithwaves

    Oceanwithwaves Well-Known Member

    Signing up for round 2!! Reporting for duty!
  11. Oceanwithwaves

    Oceanwithwaves Well-Known Member

    I agree!
  12. Fluffs

    Fluffs Database Moderator

    I want a card ^^ (I say, while failing to complete the current one)
  13. Feinraf

    Feinraf Forum Moderator Developer

    In again <3
  14. OneCraftyLady

    OneCraftyLady Well-Known Member

    I'll take one! ^_^
  15. MistLiigh

    MistLiigh Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone who's signed up already, and everyone who will yet! :) After a little discussion, we've decided that we're going to hand out the actual cards for those signing up early next weekend, Saturday September 28th, in order to avoid any confusion between cards for our returning players or on when you can start watching, but still allow a few days to plan ahead and start looking for recommendations. This also helps reduce the stress on us a bit while we handle the last couple weeks of the Summer season :)

    But rest assured, we are still reading every post and keeping track of all the users who have signed up, so we promise you will all get your cards as promised! :balloon:

    In the meantime, keep those group watch suggestions coming! =D

    Hey, as long as people want to keep playing and we can find a way to keep up without running ourselves into the ground, we'll try to keep it going :)

    Thank you for helping us get some ideas for studios to include :) There were some others you suggested in the pool that simply didn't make it through the random chance portion of our selection, so expect to see others in future seasons!

    And also thank you for your group watch suggestions, they have been added to the list in the initial post!
  16. YuiYui

    YuiYui Database Moderator

    I want to participate again, hopefully I won't be as useless as I was in the summer challenge :crying:
  17. KarmaKhameleon

    KarmaKhameleon Well-Known Member

    I definitely would like to suggest Relife for a group watch. I will think of another one later.

    Also thanks for using my Studio Pierrot suggestion :)
  18. KarinXOXO

    KarinXOXO Database Moderator

    I am game again kisses
  19. KathyKatz

    KathyKatz Database Moderator

    I would like to suggest Kiznaiver for the group-watch. I have had it on my to-watch-list for a while and it can fit on the drama, sci-fi, original anime and 10+ episode squares,
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  20. KarmaKhameleon

    KarmaKhameleon Well-Known Member

    Can I suggest the psychological tag

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