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Discussion in 'People Submissions' started by sothis, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Posted by sothis on Apr 30, 2011
    You can suggest updates to the people database in this thread, such as:

    • Incorrect names
    • Incorrect or missing staff roles
    • Adding or changing a person's image
    • A new person to add to the database
    • Removing a duplicate person page
    • Any questions about naming, roles, or other aspects of the people database

    For missing voice actor information for an anime, please post in Add or update voice actors for an anime instead.

    If you have a suggestion for a new feature related to People, post a feature request.

    Required information:

    • If editing an existing person, a link to the page on Anime-Planet.
    • If requesting a new person to be added to the database, you must link an existing anime or manga entry where they are credited and missing from. Missing Anime and Manga entries cannot be requested in this thread.
    • Any additional information from a reputable licensor or source (such as ANN, Mau2, IMDB) that supports your suggestion.
    • For image suggestions, post an uncropped image that is the largest size possible, as we can't add small or blurry images.
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    Posted by sim on Sep 30, 2023
  3. emerjas

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    Posted by emerjas on Oct 2, 2023
    Added as original creator to those series, plus author to the original novel of Dragon Lady. For future requests for manga/manhwa/manhua/novel-specific staff, please use this thread:
  4. sim

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    Posted by sim on Oct 17, 2023
  5. emerjas

    emerjas Database Moderator

    Updated. You can request any future changes or updates for staff for manga here:

    Thank you!
  6. Buckylass

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    All corrected :) Thank you very much for pointing out our blunder.
  7. Buckylass

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    The original comment is shown in quote box which is above the written message by the moderators. If you're referring to not seeing the moderator's messsage in addition to your own, every couple of months moderators clean out the forum messages; it is not done immediately. Looking back at the most recently deleted messages in this forum, I do not see any posting by you so I am unsure what you are referring to specifically. Some other forum request threads are cleaned out faster than this one; it depends on the team. Hopefully I helped clear up your confusion.
  8. emerjas

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    This has been corrected. For any future staff changes to manga/manhwa/manhua/etc., please use Manga Staff Requests. Thank you!
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    Sorry the link directly brought me to here, will know for again!
  11. emerjas

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    Unfortunately due to a lack of Chinese/Korean language support we currently can't verify people requests for adding these, so we have to deny this request. Sorry about that. For any future staff changes to manga/manhwa/manhua/etc., please use Manga Staff Requests. Thank you!

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