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    Posted by sothis on Apr 30, 2011
    You can suggest updates to the people database in this thread, such as:

    • Incorrect names
    • Incorrect or missing staff roles
    • Adding or changing a person's image
    • A new person to add to the database
    • Removing a duplicate person page
    • Any questions about naming, roles, or other aspects of the people database

    For missing voice actor information for an anime, please post in Add or update voice actors for an anime instead.

    If you have a suggestion for a new feature related to People, post a feature request.

    Required information:

    • If editing an existing person, a link to the page on Anime-Planet.
    • If requesting a new person to be added to the database, you must link an existing anime or manga entry where they are credited and missing from. Missing Anime and Manga entries cannot be requested in this thread.
    • Any additional information from a reputable licensor or source (such as ANN, Mau2, IMDB) that supports your suggestion.
    • For image suggestions, post an uncropped image that is the largest size possible, as we can't add small or blurry images.
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    Posted by sothis on Dec 13, 2022
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    Posted by sothis on Dec 13, 2022
    Unfortunately due to a lack of Chinese/Korean language support we currently can't verify people requests for adding these, so we have to deny this request. Sorry about that.
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    For these, some of it was moved to Discord and looks like it got handled. Putting a note here (and also in Discord) that some things have changed internally on the people/mod teams and we no longer have Korean/Chinese support to help with these, and thus:

    - For the time being we have to deny requests to add new Korean/Chinese staff that aren't already in the DB due to the lack of support

    - If the request is to change an existing person entry already in the database, we may still be able to do the change, but it would be based on limited data (for example, if we can't confirm a name should be a certain spelling, we'd use what's publicly available or licensed only to make the change. Else we'd need to deny for the same reason)

    If there's anything still pending from these submissions that fit the above criteria, please repost either here or in the Discord with those items. Thanks for your patience as we've worked through these changes
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    Yoshimoto and Senco Yoshimoto are actually not the same person, it's just that a lot of the manga had been incorrectly credited to Yoshimoto instead of Senco Yoshimoto. This has been fixed now, thank you. :)

    Leaving off the image suggestion for now - we put up images if it's clear it's an artist's depiction of themselves, but it's not clear in this case. If you have evidence please feel free to reply with it.
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    Posted by sim on Jan 8, 2023
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