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    Please add this Manhua, thanks^^

    Romanized Name: YOVE
    Original Language Name: YOVE
    MU/NU link:
    Translated/Other Names: YOVE
    Website of Origin: AC.QQ (
    Initial Starting Date: 2020-04-24 (
    Ending Date: 2021-03-04 (
    Chapters: 60
    Author/Artist Names: Pikapi/Yy
    Link to Cover Image:
    Official English Website or Other Links: WeComics (
    Description: A talented art student, a drama queen who gets a kick out of spending on what she likes, befriends an outgoing young model who lives a thrifty life. They grow to appreciate and learn from each other, progressing along the way.
    (Source: WeComics)
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    Sorry for the wait, this has been added now:

    Thanks for requesting :)
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    [Mod note: One Shot Manga]

    pilot chapter of Magu-chan

    Romanized Name: Hakai-shin Magu-chan
    Original Language Name: 破壊神マグちゃん
    MU/NU link: <N/A> but there is a wiki page of it though
    Translated/Other Names: Magu-chan: God of Destruction
    Magazine/Novel Publishing Label/Website of Origin: Shonen Jump GIGA
    Initial Starting Date: 2019
    Author/Artist Names:
    Kei Kamiki/Kinoshita Keiji
    Link to Cover Image: <> (couldn't find a cover without the author's notes)
    Related Manga/Novel/Anime Series: pilot chap of magu-chan
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    These two are both denied because they do not reach our page requirements for doujinshi. Sorry about that!

    This was already on the site, but has been updated with the licensed information:

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