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    Posted by sothis on Aug 25, 2010
    You can request any manga to be added in this thread.

    If you're looking to update an existing manga, such as chapter counts or other content, use the other thread.

    How to request a new manga

    When requesting a new manga, include a link to its entry on Baka-Updates Manga, or Novel Updates in the case of light novels. If you can't find one, link to anywhere that has information about the manga (e.g. Amazon listing, publisher's website, a legal manga reader or webcomic host).

    Please do NOT link to any non-legal manga readers, as we can't verify their validity.

    Manga that will be added

    • Manga (Japanese Comics)
    • Manhua (Chinese Comics)
    • Manhwa (Korean Comics)
    • Thai Comics
    • Indonesian Comics
    • Certain OEL (Subject to Manga Team Review)
    • Webtoons (Above Origin Types Only)
    • Light Novels
    • Korean and Chinese Webnovels
    • Doujinshi (some - see the below Doujinshi Policy section)

    Manga that will not be added

    • Shotacon
    • Lolicon
    • Hentai
    • OELs that look like western comics (panelling, style, art, etc)
    • OEL Novels
    • American Comics
    • Japanese Webnovels (They will be added as Light Novels if it has been Published)
    • Artbooks, Illustration Books, Drama CD's, etc

    Doujinshi Policy

    We currently add doujinshi upon user request under specific conditions:

    • The doujinshi must be of Japanese origin. No self-published Korean, Chinese or OEL content will be added at this time.

    • The doujinshi must not be based on an existing franchise UNLESS it is by the official mangaka.

    • The doujinshi, if a one shot, must be at least 5 pages in length and follow comic conventions.

    • The doujinshi must not be a self-published webtoon, regardless of country of origin. (aka: "challenge content") If a challenge webtoon is re-released or rebooted as a non-challenge webtoon by an official publisher it can be added as a regular webtoon (not a DJ).

    Challenge content policy

    Challenge Content refers to self-published webcomics that were created in order to enter a contest, named so due to Naver's way of differentiating "original content" and contest entries in their URLs.

    So this includes some content from:
    • Naver Webtoon
    • Daum Webtoon
    • Toomics
    • Lezhin
    • Tapas
    • Everystar
    • Silent Manga Audition
    And all content from:
    • Jump Rookie!
    • Manga Lab
    If a challenge webcomic is re-released / rebooted as a non-challenge webtoon by an official publisher, it can be added to the system.

    Love or Hate Part 2 and 3
    The second and third seasons of Love or Hate have been merged into the first season's entry. We apologise for the inconvenience.

    Commonly Requested and Rejected Titles

    These titles have been requested numerous times, but will not be added to the system due to conflicting with our challenge content, OEL or doujinshi policies.

    • Our Omega Leadernim! (challenge content)
    • Fisheye Placebo (self-published OEL)
    • Midnight Poppy Land (rejected OEL - feels more like a western comic)
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    Posted by Grizz on Apr 6, 2020
    The rules that we go by of what we consider BH and what is straight "Hentai" differ depending on the country of release. If i recall correctly Korea has laws which require them to be censored in a certain way, which has resulted in all of it being censored in a very similar fashion consistently. This form of censorship they enforce is very similar to the level that we allow which is why you'll see that we include more BH Manhwa that than anything else because we know that they are all done consistently within that type of required censorship. This does not mean that we will straight allow everything from Korea because some still go further than what we allow and will still be denied because their content focuses too much on the explicit content compared to others where its only used more modestly.

    Japan doesn't currently have the same sort of law as far as i know. The type of censorship used in Japan varies massively, as the rules on censorship are decided by the publisher, website platform, doujinshi convention, etc. Each has their own requirement of how something should be censored and how much, which they then enforce though their manga editors, etc if the content gets explicit enough to require it. Due to this we are much more tougher on explicit Japanese manga which is aimed at adults and is released though known hentai magazines and websites.

    In this specific case whilst the version you've seen has white censorship, there are also versions of it without that censorship. E.g. the Physical volume releases and some official websites. This is an extremely common situation in Japan and as to be quite frank, these manga are no different when uncensored to hentai published in hentai magazines. We draw the line banning these.

    A post explaining why "Hentai" cannot be added to the site at this time can be found here

    Hope this helps!
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    Already in the system:

    Please, if you are not sure if something's in the system, try searching for it more than once! Reduce the number of search terms, check your spelling (e.g. Watashi no Koko Hen Desu ka, not ga) or try alternate titles.

    You may get better hits, for example, if you use the Japanese-language title as opposed to a romanised (romaji) title, as there's more than one way to romanise Japanese. Example: MU does have a listing for Pocchari Honey... under Potchari Honey.


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    Already in database:
    Changed entry to match web novel version and added a new entry for the light novel:

    Thanks for requesting, all! :drink:
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    Already in database:
    Midnight Poppy Land is denied; we try to add as many OELs as we can, but to keep the database limited to "manga" we sometimes do not add certain titles. In this case, the OEL feels more like a western comic in art style and/or its influence, so it will not be added at this time.
    Victim. Gate of Spirits is also denied; we currently don't add self-published OEL.
    Already in the database:
    Already in database:

    Supporting Villainess's Survival Diary and Diphylleia's Plan to Coup are denied as we currently don't add Vietnamese comics. Ordinary Girl is also rejected because we don't add self-published webtoons. :crying:

    Thank you all for requesting! :duck:
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    Posted by Goroy on Jul 4, 2020
    They have another website to update chapters. Just answering since posted after you and noticed
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