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    Posted by sothis on Jul 19, 2016
    You can request any anime to be added in this thread. We currently do not add (most) OELs.

    If you're looking to update an existing anime, such as episode counts or other content, use the other thread.

    How to request a new anime

    When requesting a new anime, please include links to the ANN page. If you have extra time, include the Anidb and MAL links as well.

    If requesting Vocaloid videos:
    Vocaloid content is very tine consuming and difficult to add without a lot of research. We ask that you only request a video you've confirmed has actual movement (instead of simply a still shot).

    In addition to a video link (on Youtube, etc) if you have one, please include the corresponding page/info on the Vocaloid wiki. Do this for each video you'd like added (moderators don't have the time to personally triage an entire playlist of videos for a producer).

    Anime that will not be added


    • Live action/staff interviews
    • Audio dramas (ex: the .hack//Legend of the Twilight Offline Meeting Special)
    • Director's Cut editions (ex: FF7:AV Complete)
    • CGI game sequence compilations (ex: the Shenmue "anime")
    • Hentai
    • Lyric Videos
    • Motion Comics

    Specific series

    • Avatar
    • Ben 10
    • Lady Death
    • Last Unicorn
    • Teen Titans
    • Justice League
    • Justice League Unlimited
    • Transformers Animated
    • Batman: The Brave and the Bold
    • Code Lyoko
    • Winx Club
    • W.I.T.C.H.
    • Totally Spies!
    • Martin Mystery
    • Team Galaxy
    • Dead Space Downfall
    • Yu Gi Oh Capsule Monsters
    • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
    • RWBY
    • Voltron: Legendary Defender
    "But why can't Avatar and RWBY be added?" Read this section:
    Read the following:

    This question comes up a lot, I type a wall of text each time saying the same thing, so instead I'm linking to the relevant posts this time (I probably should add this to the initial post in a spoiler section for folks to find later)

    I have nothing new to add at this time than the above - currently RWBY and Avatar will not be added for the reasons listed at the thread.

    My import failed - where is [this anime]?

    Expand this section for common "failures" and why they happened:

    • Gantz: we list the series as 1 entry x 26 episodes.
    • Magic Knight Rayearth is listed as a single entry with 49 episodes.
    • Finder Series is a motion comic and not a fully animated series.
    • Whistle (ONA) A re-airing of the original series.
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    @Zed60K Hello there, buddy

    Ichiban Chikaku ni

    Ikite Iru

    Kumori Nochi Hare

    The Doraemons: Okashi na Okashi na Okashinana?

    Kraft Parmesan Cheese x Sekai Meisaku Gejijou: Shiawase Pasta Story

    Bucket de Gohan

    Hajime Ningen Gon

    Shounen Santa no Daibouken

    Agigongryong Dooly: Aeouleumbyul'daemohum

    Angel ga Tonda Hi

    Maya no Isshou

    Rokumon Tengai Mon Colle Knights Movie: Densetsu no Fire Dragon

    Marin to Yamato: Fushigi na Nichiyoubi

    Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Kanketsu Ban: Araiguma Rascal

    Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Kanketsu Ban: Flanders no Inu

    Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Kanketsu Ban: Meiken Lassie

    Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Kanketsu Ban: Kazoku Robinson Hyouryuuki - Fushigi na Shima no Flone

    Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Kanketsu Ban: Romeo no Aoi Sora

    Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Kanketsu Ban: Alps Monogatari Watashi no Annette

    World Masterpiece Theater Complete Edition: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

    Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Kanketsu Ban: Wakakusa Monogatari: Nan to Jo-sensei

    Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Kanketsu Ban: Shoukoushi Cedie

    Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Kanketsu Ban: Trapp Ikka Monogatari

    Message Song

    Donguri no Ie

    Kansuke-san to Fushigi na Jitensha

    Kikansha Sensei

    Ganbare Goemon: Chikyuu Kyuushutsu Daisakusen

    Kocchi Muite Miiko

    Takoyaki Mant-Man

    Rennyo Monogatari

    Kuzuryuugawa to Shounen

    Donguri Mori e

    Hyakumannen Attara, Dousuru?


    Okore!! Nonkuro

    Shutter Chance

    Yocchan no Biidama

    Doraemon: Come Back Doraemon

    Kaitou Gary no Nihonjin Kouryakuhou!

    Kuma no Minakuro to Kouhei-jiisan

    Doraemon: Doraemon Comes Back

    Doraemon: It's Spring!

    Doraemon: It's Summer!

    Doraemon: It's Autumn!

    Marco: Haha wo Tazunete Sanzenri

    Susie-chan to Marvy

    Zeno Kagiri Naki Ai Ni

    Seikimatsu Leader Gaiden Takeshi!

    Suteki! Sakura Mama

    Roujin to Umi

    Tetsuwan Atom: Ao Kishi no Kan

    Amigo Tomodachi

    Hayan Ma-eum Baeggu

    Dr. Slump: Hoyoyo! Arale no Himitsu Dai Koukai dayo!!

    Slime Boukenki: Umi da, Yeah!

    Xiao Taiji

    Gekiganger 3

    Chocchan Monogatari

    Marco: Haha wo Tazunete Sanzenri

    All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV Specials

    Doraemon: Summer Holiday (special)
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    Posted by Grizz on Mar 11, 2019
    No, it is just the movie being released as individual episodes in the blu ray releases.
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    There is no season 3 of Log Horizon.
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    The "movies" are just a compilation of the OVAs that were released only in the West by Manga Entertainment. The first film covers the first 3 episodes of the OVA, with the second film covering the last three episodes. Considering that the series was never planned to have movie versions, and that the idea to release Karas as two movies in NA was made by the English licensors, the "movies" do not meet our requirements to be added into the database.
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    It sounds like a problem on your end, but this isn't the right place to ask. Please post your issue in the Bug Reports forum:

    EDIT by @Zed60K: If you're still having problems try asking in the discord server.
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    Read this
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    This shouldn't have taken this long, sorry about that. Unless I missed something this should be done by now. There were a few duplicates in the request, here they are with links:
    lmk if I missed anything or you want anything else added.

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