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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Mar 1, 2018.

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  2. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Mar 3, 2018
    I'm going to watch this, purely out of masochism. I have to see how incompetent and terrible this is going to be. That terribad staff sure gives me a lot of confidence here.
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  3. Zed60K

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    Posted by Zed60K on Mar 3, 2018
    bones never let me down with their originals, gonna enjoy suffering through that shit. i bet this'll suck more than the dinosaur original.
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  4. MythicalTurkey

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    Eh it's bones so i'm assuming it will be good until it proves me otherwise. We shall see.
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  5. Zed60K

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    Posted by Zed60K on Mar 3, 2018
    not gonna lie, i trust Bones as much as i trust a parrot with my wallet, their previous works certainly prove it.
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  6. MythicalTurkey

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    I don't know, I've liked every bones anime I've seen so far, besides Eureka Seven AO, and I've seen a lot of them, definitely the best anime studio for me. But I haven't seen their more usually shit-on works like rahxephon either, yet it seems like every good studio has their bad stuff too. Bones is still the only studio that i expect everything they make to be good with how high they've set the bar on so many things.

    The only thing I'm on the fence about with them is their original stories, they tend to take things where they want instead of make filler when catching up to manga, stuff like soul eater and original FMA's ending sometimes makes me worry about their writing skills but as long as they have a strong director behind it, seems like their originals can be fun too like space dandy was. Although, this doesn't look like a space dandy situation with a great staff to back it up and comedy with brainless fun to be had, this looks serious, and i don't recognize the staff.

    Still expecting it to be good but we'll see.
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  7. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Mar 3, 2018
    Script writer, worked on Comet Lucifer, which was an incredibly mediocre original mecha show. Can't say, I smell anything but imminent failure.
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  8. chillst1

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    Voice acting is baaaaaaaaaaaaad.
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  9. MythicalTurkey

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    yeah the english VAs sound like they just picked them up off an old ranch. Jesus.


    The show itself isn't bad. The first episode played it right, introducing us to the action and raising a lot of questions without explaining itself too much. Not a lot of forced exposition, though there were a few forced character introductions, i wasn't bothered. The beginning was directed beautifully, the animation is nice AF as always from this studio, and the music is on point. Really not a lot to complain about unless the story starts getting BS, but since we don't know enough right now, i'll hold back on complaining about the story, because so far it seems like it's starting typical sci-fi but might start doing something new.
    I can safely say I'm at a loss as to what the connection between the beginning and when it flashed out of the flashback was. The weird montage-y things were cool and i could only glean a few clues from them about what's going on.

    Unfortunately the characters in the beginning look way more interesting than our mains, tachibana and this dull japanese guy who's going all "no time to explain" on her. She's the chosen one and he's her knight or whatever, it's obvious.
    I'll be interested to see where this goes, weak mains and unoriginal premise so far aside.
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  10. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Mar 9, 2018
    Really meh first episode, I wasn't impressed by it at all and it kind of feels like an early 2000s anime to me. That said, it wasn't horrible.I think the main characters are pretty trite though. We'll see if it gets any better next episode.
  11. Zed60K

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    Well, first episode was really dull, the idea's are interesting, the setting has a lot of potential, but the story isn't interesting, it feels closer to a shoujo story in it's core, and it's as generic as it can get.

    The thing that bothered me the most is how the girl was presented to be a cripple at first only to suddenly start walking normally 3 minutes later, what's the point, i don't know.

    The CG is awful, that car chase scene was so lame, and even if you disregard the CG it's still lame to see just two cars following each other as if they're trying hard to not break any law, such law-abiding criminals.

    Despite what i said i don't dislike it -yet-, at least this is a better start than B: the beginning, though this isn't saying much, since that show is a huge pile of shit.
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  12. vancie

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    The 'matter' just really reminded me of the Flood in the Halo series
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  13. HasseRovdjur

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    The first three episodes make me think of anime released around 2009 - 2011, with a penchant for worldbuilding sci-fi and seinenitis (a malady of the mind that makes anime want to explain shit in detail to you). The rollerskates remind me of Real Drive, that one show with a high schooler with some junk in the trunk, and the rest reminds me of, everything and nothing. It's basic anime, and there's not much else to it.
  14. MythicalTurkey

    MythicalTurkey Well-Known Member

    It's definitely nothing special, but I still enjoy the way they did the artstyle. The lighting has been REALLY good at times, and even though the characters feel a bit stiff it still leaves room for dynamic animation in the way of flashy gooey sci-fi stuff(you wouldn't believe how happy i was to see that the "goop" at the beginning of ep 1 wasn't CGI), and that's entertaining enough for me to stay interested. I just hope it spends more time on the action than the explanations. I don't need another kokkoku.
  15. Zed60K

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    Watched the second episode, and i didn't like it at all, it's way too dull and boring that i was making fun of everything in order to stay awake, not even sure if the stuff i was making fun of were real stupid problems or just nitpicks, but i don't really care.

    I like how after they explained everything to the girl and told her she can rescue her family she ran away for no reason, the only eventful thing that happened, i like how also she got accustomed to her super regeneration power by jumping from the fifth story building as if she's used to it, or maybe she's just an idiot.

    Of course the group that's chosen to go to the danger zone is a group of young teenagers, why would they send trained and experienced adults, they're useless. what i like even more is how they were surprised that the people they kidnapped the girl from came and attacked them again, those guys are geniuses.

    If B the beginning is garbage, this one is boring, in fact it's duller than a butter knife that can't even scratch butter.
  16. HasseRovdjur

    HasseRovdjur Breast Claw

    Up to episode 8, and I'm still convinced that this should have been a feature film instead. The plot screams "movie script", and it's slow-paced enough that some judicious editing could have made this into a two-hour silver screen deal without much getting lost in translation.

    As for the actual show:
    It's basically one thing happening per episode as they get closer to Primary Point. A reveal happens, a character dies, bla bla bla. All the characters are very much stock figures, with absolutely nothing setting them apart from the myriad other bland anime characters out there.

    It's all very dull and dreary, especially with how boring the landscape is with all the goo and grey skies. The designs are amateur-militaristic, and I would be happy if people would stop clamouring for "EVIDENCE" and responding with "WILCO" all the damn time.
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  17. Zed60K

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    the most annoying thing about it is that it's not bound by the TV release restrictions, considering that it was released on the web it didn't have to be a whole freakin' 12 episodes show, just 4-5 episodes could've been enough.
  18. niotabunny

    niotabunny Well-Known Member

    over all it wasn't bad at all, I did the dub for the first episode and ouch my ears! thankfully sub was so much more friendlier and I was able to comprehend the anime so much better. it wasn't entirely original, I've seen this in a few others now, but, it did have an interesting show of character development, and from what I could take from it, AI like? the attention to details, art wise, was outstanding, and the sounds were remarkable. finally something got the sound of a vibrating phone right! nothing was spared in this one, teen and above will work just fine. a bit of ecchi, such as brief nudity, panty shots... but mild language, a heck of a lot of violence and no drug use other than the "drugs" needed to "hide" from the "enemy".

    took me two days to tick it down, so it's not that long, and it ended well, not unlike some stuff that just goes poof, or an ultimate cliff hanger, it will leave you with a few questions however, but I felt the anime, over all, did good for the mere 12 episode job it had going for itself. so, if you're into creatures, science, medicine, creature horror, then might want to give this one a try.

    however, the only setback I found with it was, the waste of fillers. there was no need for stock footage of the same old death scenes, the main character is haunted, please, enough already. at least find new stock image to run with from time to time.
  19. HasseRovdjur

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    That was an ending. Here are some jumbled goobleygookfinal thoughts.

    They saved all the twists and turns until the very end in order to pad out the story to fit the 12-episode format. This should have been six or eight episodes instead, but it was not to be. It wasn't very interesting plot twists, but they sure were made out to be dramatic. Man, everything was like the end of the world here, yet I found it hard to care. My favourite twist was when the Divers found out something that was revealed to us, the audience, back in episode 2. I had honestly forgotten that it was not supposed to be common knowledge.

    I guess the audiovisuals were okay, but the character designs are more than a little derpy to me, and the actual animation was pretty boring. The fight scenes especially lacked coolness, instead opting for some misguided attempt at "realism" about people shooting guns while on rollerskates.
  20. MythicalTurkey

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    8 episodes, in and, I will definitely be writing final thoughts and possibly a review on this. This thing is weighed down by a few major problems but It's actually not bad at all, and pretty interesting.

    The beginning was slow, the whole thing's a bit repeditive, and I definitely agree with @HasseRovdjur about it being a movie. It's a movie plot they spread over a 12 episode series. The characters are pretty unoriginal, but because of the sci-fi elements, world, and interesting story, it's entertaining to me because of that bleak sci-fi movie feel and I still care when people die. It's like Kabaneri meets Live Die Repeat (in tone and atmosphere and action, not gimmicks). Plus the action is nice, and the CGI isn't bad. There were a few really cool shot composition moments too and "crowning moment of badass" scenes that made me raise the score.

    I'll probably finish this thing tomorrow.
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