A Certain Magical Index III

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Aug 21, 2018.

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  2. Toy

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    Posted by Toy on Sep 22, 2018
    I've been waiting 5 years for this, the hype is real. I'm so hyped I'm gonna start laughing like Accelerator. KUHKUHKUGHGUKUGKUUGHKUKGJSDLKGJSLKSDFJSDLFJSF
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  3. BrainBlow

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    The most accurate text depiction I've seen of that laugh.

    Looking forward to this, and I hope this is going to carry to the very end of the story, though I have doubts about that.
    To my limited knowledge, Accelerator is an MC through and through, and we're apparently getting a third MC as well that everyone just thought was a mook at the end of the previous season. And a bunch of characters from Railgun 2 will make their appearance as well.
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  4. randomredneck

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  5. Zed

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    Posted by Zed on Sep 23, 2018
    Maybe this is a chance to go back and continue watching this series, it when accelerator was a thing, and it ended, and the first season ended when it was getting fun.
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  6. Toy

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    Posted by Toy on Sep 24, 2018
    I've not read the source material, do you know how far through it we currently are?
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  8. LinkSword


    So I was looking through AniChart for the exact air dates of stuff and I notice Index S3 being a bit over a day away... And maybe it's my current tiredness speaking but man, suddenly I'm not so sure I want to watch this. I guess I'll know for sure when it does air but right now images of Index and every other character I don't give half a shit about are superseding Misaka and Accelerator in my head. It's been a hell of a while since S2 and I'm not sure I'll even be able to tolerate characters I already despised as a teen.
  9. randomredneck

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    Episode 1.
    Well, Index and Lightning Bitch are as insufferable as ever.

    Guess I'll give them points for keeping it consistent.
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  10. renorxukuth

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    Episode 1
    Index and Sphinx are up to trouble as always, I could watch her interactions with Touma all the time, so I'll be giving this a go for posterity and consistency.
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  11. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 2.
    And nothing happened until like the last 3 minutes. What fun.

    But hey, best guy is finally making the scene next episode. So that's something to look forward to.
  12. worknboy

    worknboy Well-Known Member

    Where is Accelerator?
  13. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Coming next episode.
  14. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    ...For 2 scenes. Where he did nothing. Talk about getting hyped for nothing.

    Episode 3.
    At least we got the first Touma Bitch Smack of the season. Always fun when he caves in someones face after they piss him off.

    ...And Lightning Bitch knows he lost his memory. I'm sure she'll handle that composed and quietly...
  15. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 4.
    And now it gets confusing for me. I'm guessing these chicks are from Railgun, cause I have no idea who any of them or their driver are.
  16. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 5.
    Yup. I am officially lost.
  17. Coalescence

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    I loved this show when i was younger, but find it a bit grating now. But the worst thing is that i have absolutely zero clue what is happening in this show. This might be one of the most poorly conveyed shows i've seen, it's just random groups of people running around with no context, fighting other people who have no context, and talking to each other on the phone with no context.

    My head hurts.
  18. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    I imagine half the context requires having watched that crappy Railgun spinoff. Which I didn't do. Hence my complete confusion.
  19. Coalescence

    Coalescence Well-Known Member

    It's not even that, because i've watched the Railgun series and the movie. This show just makes absolutely zero sense.
  20. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Well, that makes me feel better about having no clue what's happening.

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