86: Eighty-Six

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    Posted by Thrawn on Mar 18, 2020
    If all this leads to a proletariat uprising of the oppressed, then our boners will be collectively risen. *Communist music intensifies*
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    Soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto
    Instantly sold
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    deja-vu intesfies
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    i instantly thought of the hachiroku from Initial D.
    anyway i got to check this out, Hiroyuki Sawano makes great sound tracks.
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    I must have a dirty mind, the number made me think of 69 instead of 86 to me.
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    My favorite part about this is how the title's stylized.

    86: Eighty-Six
    Subtitle: The Number that Comes After Eighty-Five
    Alternatively: The Number that Comes Before Eighty-Seven
    Or It Can Also Be Called: More than 60, Less than 100
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    Episode 1:

    I picked up the light novel last month because I heard good things about it and before I knew it I plowed through seven volumes. I'm pretty much a fan of this now so I'm really looking forward to how the adaptation will go.

    So far it's decent. As expected episode 1 cut some fat and world-building exposition but they also added some new things like...

    actually showing Kujoh's death where in the novel it was just mentioned in passing and was an off-screen thing. Though his death in the novel is much more gruesome and less dramatic. It was still a nice touch though.

    I'll keep expectations tempered of course and try to enjoy the anime as it is.
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    Okay umm I'm not great at history but is the idea of discrimination in the anime similar to one that the nazis followed...? Like... I just vaguely remember discussing this in our class the other day about something like the Jews just looked different from what the Nazis called "True German" and all...??
    (Please point me out if I'm wrong)

    Just curious...
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    About the anime... The story is engaging. The art is very well done to perfectly flow right into the story. Characters are well written too. Initially it felt a bit like what AOT might have been if it had been set some centuries into the future AND if the art was made to be a bit more humanoid. But yeah... The artwork especially in this anime was beautifully made dark.

    And that scene just before the breakfast when the Undertaker is sitting there reading something the the camera zooms into the wall across from him. That graffiti on the wall gave me the chills. Like that moment in the first episode was just.... The hardest hitting part for me.
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    Interesting setting, gorgeous animation and great action. I am already sold on this, but I hope it will have even more great things going on.
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    That last bit should be in spoiler tags (I think)
    Like this
    And yes the show is reminiscent of what Jews have gone through. Just in a futuristic sense.
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    Lovely. I enjoyed the manga and the light novels, so I'm really hoping the animated version does it justice. The death scene at the end, while gruesome, is sort of lending this creditability by the overall usage and practical sense of units like the 86 utilized by the government that doesnt care for them except to be fodder. To exist only in this capacity as it were. You can tell by the differences in architecture and lifestyle as well, the 85 districts are shiny, new, advanced. The combat lines are holdovers from another era.
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    I haven't read the stuff this was adapted from and I'm not really sure I understand what is happening but the scene at the start looked cool
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    Episode 1

    I came for thighs and I got my thighs so I am a happy man!

    That aside, pretty decent pilot. Good showcase of the contrasting peaceful 85 districts and the warzone of the 86 (though when not battling, that house of the suadron looks settled in some nice natural habitat). I wonder if either the wealthy people are geneticaly engineered or on the contrary degenereted since they all have white hair and white eyes.

    A bit meh about the introductiton of Undertaker - making him such a clich├ęd badass, solitary leader who has an infamous repuatation of destroying handlers. And somehow this new determined girl is gonna handle him. I can't defend myself this leading to some ilegal romance since I am sure the wealthy side wouldn't accept Lena date a dirty soldier. The rest of the team looks funky and I like that the plot apparently doesn't care about their characters too much and it will let them die if needed.

    Art is decent, the CGI of the mechs is not that jarring so overall I am mdoerately happy.
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    Ahh sorry sorry. I didn't know how to put a spoiler in the text. Sorry again. Thanks for that little guide though. It'll defo help me write my future reviews better!
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    I don't get the premise. Like what is the point of this handler girl? And why do they apparently need to be linked to the pilot? I'm lost here.
  18. AdmiralMuffin

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    Like what's her purpose in the story or literally her job?
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