2020 Anime Watching Challenge discussion thread

Discussion in 'Challenge Discussion' started by sothis, Jan 11, 2020.

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    Posted by Gilda on Apr 23, 2020
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    To that it is at lest for me that I have nothing better to do with my free time all and all I find it sad I have so much
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    I've decided to join this challenge although I'm a bit late. Hopefully I'll be able to complete this one... the last challenge I was a part of I sadly dropped out of.

    I apologise if I repeat stuff but I just want to make sure that I get everything right- does all anime count in this challenge that you finish, or is it only anime that has come out in 2020?
    The reason why I'm asking is, I joined another challenge and in that challenge you were given an anime to watch, so you choose it yourself, if that makes sense.

    I hope everyone is enjoying their animes for the challenge! c:
  4. Nicknames

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    Anything goes in this challenge =)
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    I have another question, I hope its alright to ask it here because I cant think of a better forum section than this one.

    I'm wondering, is there no thread for the spring 2020 anime challenge? I cant find it but since it is an ongoing challenge, I'm a bit confused as to why there doesn't seem to be any discussion thread for it. Or is it just me that can't find it?
  6. Jet

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    Posted by Jet on Jun 4, 2020
    Challenges are likely the best feature ever, for they managed to return me to anime-watching. Somewhat at least. But the gap between seasonal and yearly achievements is way too wide. Watching 36 titles from a century worth of animation is a cinch. Can just cheat with some shorts, music videos, whatever. But hitting the 8 entries mark from the season (few months), when you got stuff to watch already and don't necessary keep up is very hard. This requires going out of your way to watch pretty much all shorts listed. The problem is there isn't that much good animation to begin with. I'd say, no matter how broad one's tastes are, a season with 8(!) worthwhile shows occurs like once in a crazy long time, if ever? That's a whole lot of specific tv series to get hooked on. I think, yearly challenges should be made harder. Maybe twice harder even.
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