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May 16, 2019
Aug 28, 2010
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Life tried to stop, now I got to catch up on so much damn anime. :\ Aug 26, 2018

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May 16, 2019
    1. Toy
      Life tried to stop, now I got to catch up on so much damn anime. :\
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      2. Toy
        Maybe so, but life is trying to take me out painfully. Kidney stone to start, then was passing out at work cause I couldn't sleep, fucking drug addict tried to break into my home, and something is wrong with my stomach or something. If I eat more than a bit of food I end up with so much pain in my stomach and chest that I vomit. (I think I've been able to eat like 500-1k calories a day for a few weeks now)
        Aug 26, 2018
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      3. Zed60K
        Holy shit, and I thought the last couple of months were tough. I hope you get better soon.
        Aug 26, 2018
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      4. Toy
        Thanks man, luckily doing quite a bit better already
        Aug 26, 2018
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