Custom lists


Detective Conan Moviesby chii

Favourite to least. But all were enjoyed very much.

My Gundam Anime Favouritesby chii

All Universes included. I will use Mobile Suit Gundam to represent UC as a whole. (Iron-Blooded Orphans at bottom because current airing)

My Universal Century Gundam Anime Favouritesby chii

From mecha-a-licious to poo.. (Origin and Thunderbolt at the bottom because not completed yet)

My Macross Anime Favouritesby chii

All Macross is awesome but here's the order in which I'd watch em over and over again in. (Delta at the bottom because it hasn't aired yet)

My Pretty Cure Anime Favouritesby chii

From magical-girl-a-licious to icky. (Kirakira at the bottom because current airing)