Custom lists


strong female protagonists (manga)by Atak

Hey guys, As you can see my list is based on strong female protagonists, though my definition of 'strong' varies. -Some of the girls are not only mentally strong,but also physically. -Some have a very strong will and won't let themselves be...

Best overall soundtracksby Xplayer

My favorite overall soundtracks based purely on the music. All of these anime have very good soundtracks so while order does matter, they are really close even from the first anime on the list to the last. Favorite tracks are shown under each...

Truly Terribad Dubsby Drahken

This is a list of TRULY terrible dubs. While there are many elitists who claim that all dubs are bad, I am not one of them. I think most dubs are just fine. However, there are some dubbed series which even -I- find horrendously bad, these are dubs...

Anime's With Awesome Intro Songsby andreichekov

These anime are not necessarily good. I didn't even like some of them, but they have catchy sounds.

Middle Eastern Charactersby Wetbeard

Characters with Middle Eastern influences.