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Top 60 Most Interesting/Well-written Anime&Manga Male Charactersby MockingEntropy

In the most objective way as possible (based on my current watched list), it shows males characters who deserve a quite particular attention and present a certain originality in their own respective perspective. Males characters...

Uhhh...You've heard of these before, right? Right?!by asterris

Frankly I don't know why I'm making this list, I guess I just feel like it. If you don't know what these titles are, regardless of whether you've actually watched them or not(no one's expecting you to watch these, especially if...

'Different', but Well Done and Interesting Anime :Dby asterris

(In Alphabetical Order!) This list is what I've seen of good, but not often seen titles with interesting plot(twists), or take on the genre that make them 'different'/excel in a good way. This list includes, action, drama...

Waifusby Simok123

Having too many waifus has ruined my laifu.