Gender: Male
Hair Color: Green
Rank #25
Rank #809

Before joining Luffy, Zoro was known and feared worldwide as a notorious pirate hunter. He is renowned for fighting with three swords – one in each hand and one in his mouth. Zoro’s extraordinarily powerful three-sword style of fighting mixed with his sheer will and determination to become the greatest swordsman in the world make him a formidable foe. Though he spends a lot of time sleeping, and is near on impossible to wake, he is always raring to go when there’s a fight to be won, especially if it’s against another swordsman. But a word of advice: never let Zoro lead the way, as his abysmal sense of direction allows him to get lost even when following a straight path!

I this character

Anime Roles

ARASHI: A-RA-SHI : Reborn Main Non-Speaking Role
Fanta x One Piece Secondary
Hungry Days x Bump of Chicken: Kinen Satsuei Main Non-Speaking Role
Hungry Days x One Piece Main
Look Plus x One Piece CM Main
Nissan Serena x One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase Main
One Piece Main
One Piece 3D2Y: Overcoming Ace's Death! Luffy's Pledge to His Friends! Minor
One Piece 3D: Gekisou! Trap Coaster Main
One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase Secondary
One Piece: Adventure of Nebulandia Secondary
One Piece: Defeat The Pirate Ganzak! Main
One Piece: Django's Dance Carnival Secondary
One Piece: Dream Soccer King! Main
One Piece: Episode of East Blue Main
One Piece: Episode of Luffy - Hand Island no Bouken Secondary
One Piece: Episode of Merry - Mou Hitori no Nakama no Monogatari Main
One Piece: Episode of Nami - Koukaishi no Namida to Nakama no Kizuna Main
One Piece: Episode of Sabo Minor
One Piece: Episode of Skypiea Main
One Piece Film: Gold Main
One Piece Film: Gold ~Episode 0~ 711 ver. Main
One Piece Film: Z Main
One Piece: Kinkyuu Kikaku One Piece Kanzen Kouryakuhou Main
One Piece Movie 1 Main

Manga Roles

Cross Epoch Main
One Piece Main
One Piece: Cover Comic Project Main
One Piece Gakuen Main
One Piece: Loguetown-hen (Light Novel) Main
One Piece Party Main
One Piece: Taose! Kaizoku Ganzack (Light Novel) Main
One Piece x Toriko: Jisshoku! Akuma no Mi!! Minor

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mlamington May 13, 2020

I don't dislike him, and at first I did like him, but years later when I think about it, there isn't much for me to like him for. All people keep saying for the reasons why they like him, like on here for example, is because he is very strong and the very overused word "badass"... that's it. Oh wait, there's also the usual fangirls. Definitely doesn't help make it convincing. There's not much else to like him for as a character (yes he's also very loyal, but so are so many other characters in One Piece), so I find him meh. His past doesn't even help much since out of all the Straw Hats, his is honestly the most lacking.

Erza69 Apr 5, 2020

My husband. 

ANOLOGIA Sep 25, 2019

Me encanta la actitud de Zoro, es mi personaje favorito de entretodos

PurpleCatAngel Jan 31, 2019

I love Zoro-chan!😍😍😍😍

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