Gender: Male
Hair Color: Grey
Rank #146
Rank #395
I this character

Anime Roles

Vampire Knight Main
Vampire Knight Guilty Main

Manga Roles

Vampire Knight Main
Vampire Knight: Fleeting Dreams (Light Novel) Main
Vampire Knight: Ice Blue Sin (Light Novel) Main
Vampire Knight: Memories Main
Vampire Knight: The Noir Trap (Light Novel) Main

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fairycore Sep 3, 2023

one of the only good characters in this show

Liana00L Jul 17, 2023

Yuki never needed Zero's protection. She herself has become quite strong and independent. Yuki also didn't need Zero to raise her child. Zero shouldn't be in an incest manga? You seem to be forgetting about His daughter Ren, who is in love with her older sister))). Yuki is not obliged to take care of Zero, but she still brought him to her house and took care of him )) . Once Zero did not support her in difficult times and turned away from her, calling her a monster, when he found out about her origin, although Yuki supported him and even gave him her blood. For almost the entire manga, he behaved rudely with her, he didn’t even want to talk. Yuki is a no self-respecting main character. And Zero is a moron who lives on everything ready.

KitKat1988 Jul 8, 2023

He's a very complex and well written character,  I love him 

Qixo Jun 28, 2023

I used to be team Zero x Yuki but after hearing how the manga ends. Zero deserved way better then yuki. She only got with him cause Kaname's dumbass basically said "going ghost" (I love danny phantom I'm sorry). She literally used him for protection, and for him to help raise Kaname's and later the kid he had with her. Tbh Zero was the best chaarcter in the show and the manga, and if I could marry him, I 100% would cause again he DESERVED BETTER. He didn't deserve to be in some sick authors incest kink manga/show (yeah the manga has a LOT and I mean a LOT of incest) 

AnimeAmateur14 Mar 24, 2023

By the time I was done powering the fuck through both seasons he was the only character I still remotely liked let alone cared about.