Hottiesby farrahf

The cutest/hottest guys in the anime I've watched so far (Not in a specific order)

Best Perfect Couplesby Epimondas

Each couple on the list is paired in order so 1 and 2 are one perfect couple at the top of the list then 3 and 4 and so on. Just to add a bit of info about scoring: longer and more clear relationships score higher; incorrect...

White/Gray-Haired Bishies & Ikemenby UsagiDandere

And I guess some platinum blondes here and there ;D

Best Protagonists of Animeby Epimondas

You guessed it. These are the best most aspiring heroic role characters in anime.

The Best Guy Characters in anime.by Epimondas

Villain or Hero, these men and boys have the most redeeming qualities that women might wish to date or men might wish to be themselves or have as best friends.

Favorite Couplesby Trinah101

In no particular order. These are just couples that I love the relationship of.