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soleilsun May 10, 2019

Between Zen and Obi, the better boy is not Zen. I liked him until Obi showed up. I don't ship Obi and Shirayuki- she's wasted on him- but I did wish he'd get a happy ending too. As for Zen, well... he was bland. That's all. 

jjklove3 Mar 13, 2019

I love Zen! One of my top crushes!

PenguinOverlordLevi Aug 24, 2017

Anyone else think of Zen from Mystic Messenger? And how they're basically the same person? ...No? Okay.

Suhara2000 Mar 4, 2017

Boyfriend goals <3

ColloquialDuck Jan 6, 2017

If you shrink the profile pic small enough, Zen looks like he's grown a sugoi rockin' beard. Love the chillax man.