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givemethebread Jun 3, 2020

why y'all calling him boring he's charming in his own way  ;:

Feliciaken Feb 3, 2020

I think I heard somewhere that the Oregon trail game over was written with a game engine optimized for a single game running on the same hardware and with a few different engines running for different goals.

cristina12 Jan 13, 2020

Nice article, I’ve been enjoying online games with my son like The Oregon trail game. I can say that the two said games serve as quality time for us. With these, we really become close to each other. I also like to try playing this game with my son, hope we also enjoyed it.

Feliciaken Sep 16, 2019

Are you talking about zen the handsome guy in mystic messenger? He was the first one I met when I started playing mystic messenger and because of our good encounter, I became engrossed with the app and was very excited to finally meet the other heroes of the story.