Gender: Male
Hair Color: Orange
Rank #122
Rank #1,587

Unlike the other members of the SSS, Otonashi enters life-after-death without memories of his past, how he died, or even his full name. Even without a sense of self, Otonashi is a caring person who would sacrifice his own happiness for that of another.

Though Yuri and the others are dead-set against Tenshi, Otonashi is intrigued about her and the role that she plays in their world.

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Anime Roles

Angel Beats! Main
Angel Beats! Another Epilogue Main
Angel Beats! Hell's Kitchen Main
Angel Beats! Stairway to Heaven Main

Manga Roles

Angel Beats! The 4-koma: Bokura no Sensen Koushinkyoku Main

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jellyjilli Jul 22, 2021

not exactly the funnest or most intriguing character on earth, in fact he's quite plain, but he's the only one the author seemed to put actual effort into. he's the only character whose development, depth, realism, etc matter for more than like five minutes in the story. meanwhile, there are characters like yuri, yui, and naoi who get development in small spikes and are then played for feels and immediately forgotten. that's unrealistic and badly developed. so at least otonashi was a proper character.

BabyGirlKaylie Jun 17, 2021

I like him, he's a realistic, well-written, and well-developed character.

Zuclyn Apr 24, 2021

The best character in whole anime, most realistic and relatable. He's propably my anime spirib brother or smg

lividtanuki Feb 13, 2021

Episode 9 made me cry.

Lumi1 Nov 13, 2020

am I really seeing people calling him bland? in my opinion, yuzuru is the kindest soul. I believe he's the best of MCs. 0 flaws. Self-sacrifice, personality, development. The one character I never hated one bit. Yuzur and Kanade, boy oh boy I fucking love you both.

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