Gender: Male
Hair Color: Orange
Rank #98
Rank #1,437

Unlike the other members of the SSS, Otonashi enters life-after-death without memories of his past, how he died, or even his full name. Even without a sense of self, Otonashi is a caring person who would sacrifice his own happiness for that of another.

Though Yuri and the others are dead-set against Tenshi, Otonashi is intrigued about her and the role that she plays in their world.

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Anime Roles

Angel Beats! Main
Angel Beats! Another Epilogue Main
Angel Beats! Hell's Kitchen Main
Angel Beats! Stairway to Heaven Main

Manga Roles

Angel Beats! The 4-koma: Bokura no Sensen Koushinkyoku Main

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CrimsonCondor Sep 8, 2019

Agreed. He could have been interesting though, so it's a shame.

TheIllIntent Aug 27, 2019

@CrimsonCondor: I neither love or hate him too, but mainly due to how blant and vacant a character he is overall rather than any percieved homophobia.

CrimsonCondor Aug 16, 2019

That doesn't explain his facial expression when he inquired on Hinata's sexuality. Saying you're really fond of somebody whose gender happens to align with your own doesn't mean you're even on the radar of gayness, and he looked very repulsed when he asked. It was just an excuse for the writers to implement a done-to-death, unfunny joke. However, he has also done a lot of great things for others, including Hinata, so I can't love nor hate him.

TheIllIntent Aug 8, 2019

@CrimsonCondor: I never read those moments as Otonashi being homophobic; he was simply discomforted over a guy who he barely knew anything about at that point (sexuality included) seemed to be putting moves on him and wanting to exchange affections with him, so he had to ask if Hinata swung that way towards other guys in order to make sense of his words and behavior. 

CrimsonCondor Jul 22, 2019

I like him because he cares so much about others in a psychologically understandable way, but I can't love him. I doubt anybody will remember this because it was only evident in two scenes, but he is homophobic. In the second episode, Hinata said he was fond of Otonashi, and Otonashi responded with, "Are you gay?" He had a disgusted or bewildered expression on his face, and that tells me this somehow made him feel uncomfortable. As a prideful panromantic, I can't appreciate a character that acts in this manner without making up for their actions. However, I can't hate him either because he does develop a bond with Hinata with time. The question is this: if he really were gay, how would Otonashi have viewed him later on? I'd like to think given his background that he would still reach out to him, but I can't say. 

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