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DarkLordSatan Aug 11, 2019

v Why does the comment make it look like there is something wrong with the way Yuuri behaves towards Wolfram but Wolfram being a dick towards Yuuri is perfectly fine :/

Kitkyuu Jun 22, 2019

Honestly the only one of the main cast I really dislike, it’s not even his behaviour towards Wolf that does it, it’s his naive way of thinking, it’s his bland personality, it’s multiple things. 

DarkLordSatan May 30, 2018

People saying that they hate Yuuri just for not marrying/loving back Wolfram simply can't think straight (pun intended). Kyo Kara Maoh was one of my childhood shows I watched on TV and I really used to like Yuuri back then, specially in his Maoh-mode. Not exactly a fan of him right now but he's not a bad character.

ProdigiousIzzy Dec 26, 2015

HATE YOUR GUTS!!!!!!!! How dare you treat wolf like a turd! If I was engaged to a gay demon voiced by Mona Marshall I would marry him in 1 second!

heyalotp71 Feb 5, 2014

Yuuri is just plain annoying,and he is just a stupid airhead.....