Aka: Second

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Pink
Rank #56
Rank #47

The talented and beautiful Yuno Gasai is the poster child of a model student but, beneath this mask of perfection, lies a stalker obsessed with Yukiteru Amano. Known as Second among the players of Deus Ex Machina's survival game, she holds a special diary that tells her the actions of her beloved Yukiteru in ten-minute intervals. Her obsession is her strength, and she'll stop at nothing to protect him from any and all threats.

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Anime Roles

Future Diary Main
Future Diary OVA Secondary
Future Diary: Redial Main
Future Diary Specials Minor

Manga Roles

Future Diary Main
Future Diary: Paradox Minor
Future Diary: Redial Main

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Metalblade94 May 30, 2019

One of the worst female anime protagonists I have ever had the displeasure of watching. 

No Character Development stayed the same hollow empty bland character during the entire anime

No Personality always dialogue Yuki oriented and nothing else

no Other traits to move the plot.

Shitty generic toxic interactions with yuki

Minnene and Akise were the most likeable characters in this show. Also shougo makashima from psycho pass, solf j kimbley from Fma series, shion from higurashi and himiko toga from BNHA are much better characters than yuno gasai. regardless if one loves or hates them. don't deny the fact he was more of an interesting watch and carried the pyscho trope. If you have a terrible generic yandere. chances are Yuki is a is going to be even more terrible For a MC. This show is a guilty pleasure because the side characters were interesting. and yuno gasai and yukiteru amano had the worst writing I have ever seen for a protagonist  in a psychological anime

TheIllIntent Apr 2, 2019

Once again - I think Yuno Gasai and Shion Sonozaki are BOTH GREAT CHARACTERS. Their fans warring with each other is dumb as shit.

bobhikes Mar 17, 2019

My total love interest if I was an anime or she was real.  I am constantly rewatching her character whenever I get the chance.  Yes I'm probably pyschotic myself but that's why she's perfect for me.

Metalblade94 Mar 13, 2019

THe most overrated anime character ever!

melhn Feb 17, 2019

I liked her during the first 10 or so episodes but that's it.

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