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Eyes, eyes and eyes!!!by knoxyal

A list of characters with the most extravagant pair of eyes. The design matters a lot...for those who have an eye for eyes. The characters are sorted by the color of their eyes.

Hair Accessoriesby AnimeJunkee

A list of characters who have accessories in their hair.

40 year old anime virgin, favorite charactersby Gozza

Characters that a 40 year old man who is pretty new to anime has been enjoying. Some of them you've seen in well known shows and others are a bit more low key but they all have a unique feel to them.

Yandereby AnimeJunkee

A list of characters who are head-over-heels obsessed with someone and will do anything for the one they love - even murder.

Vicious/evil charactersby RoyalOss

Main characters which got a dark side to them or are simply evil.

Good Charactersby SOLSupporter

"Good" as in character composition, not just moral behavior. These are some of my favorite characters in anime.

☆ Problematic Faves ☆by Izumii

Babes that need love, despite everything.

☆ Psycho/Sadistic Babes ☆by Izumii

Fuck these in particular. Fucking love them.

TOP 60 Most Interesting Anime/Manga Female Charactersby MockingEntropy

In the most objective way as possible (based on my current watched list), it shows females characters who deserve a quite particular attention and present a certain originality in their own respective perspective. Females...