Aka: Second

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HiroshiMerrara Jul 7, 2018

Worst character anyone can ever create!

arianagrxnde Jun 21, 2018

e-e-e-excuse me this slut is not the queen of yanderes yall blind AF we all know the true queen is shion fuckin sonozaki there i said it 

CryingMeth Jun 8, 2018

 Really annoying. Queen of yanderes is Shion though ;))

TheMaleGothicLolita Jun 6, 2018

One of my favorite scenes in this anime is where yuno notices that one of the tomatoes in the salad the kid made didn't weigh the same as the others.

Azukano Jun 4, 2018

Yuno's the queen of Yanderes. She made Mirai Nikki so much more entertaining for a series that was completely underwhelming for what it could have been. I can't say I love her, but she had many moments where I was entertained by her antics.