Aka: Second

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Metalblade94 Mar 13, 2019

THe most overrated anime character ever!

melhn Feb 17, 2019

I liked her during the first 10 or so episodes but that's it.

TsumiMitzuki Nov 21, 2018

That's because Shion actually have a logical and more compelling reason to go insane.

Yuno only kills just because of some fantasy shit that will never happen in real life.

xSaladChildxUwU Nov 18, 2018

So first of all

Ok, so.. Why is half on the comment section People saying that Yuno is only there for '12 year old edgy fortnite tweens', i mean please just stop. Shion isn't a better character just because she got infected by some brain parasite. Yuno is a character that's naturally Insane and that doesn't really give you a reason to hate tbh..



TheIllIntent Oct 25, 2018

I find it intriguing how many people have left remarks about her being a one note, typical crazy Yandere with no depth and substance to her and who just did horrible things for no good reason, many of them seemingly attempting to start some sort of Team Yuno Gasai VS Team Shion Sonozaki rivalry, because I wonder how many of them have actually read or watched the series, or at least paid attention to it in detail? The actual characterization for Yuno could not be further from the stereotype that detractors are so fond of claiming that she is.