Aka: Second

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Wateralchemist22 Apr 3, 2012

she scares the crap out of me. you never know what she is going to do next. i hate her then love her at the same time

Yuyunarutoballz Mar 20, 2012

Crazy bitch..... Crazy crazy bitch. Hmmm, even repetition can't describe begin to describe what she is

mrd456 Feb 21, 2012

one of my fav anime characters is one of the reasons I love the anime

their should be a catagory for a stalker on this aswell thats one of the things I love about animes

8MangaMan Feb 8, 2012

Wasn't sure I'd enjoy this show, than Yuno was introduced.  Then I loved the show.  The more psychotic yandere action she shows, the more I like her!

Pieguy535 Feb 7, 2012

My current vocabulary doesn't have the capability of describing this character O.o