Aka: Second

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bobhikes Mar 17, 2019

My total love interest if I was an anime or she was real.  I am constantly rewatching her character whenever I get the chance.  Yes I'm probably pyschotic myself but that's why she's perfect for me.

Metalblade94 Mar 13, 2019

THe most overrated anime character ever!

melhn Feb 17, 2019

I liked her during the first 10 or so episodes but that's it.

arianagrxnde Jan 4, 2019

shion and yuno both fit the yandere description 

it's just that intelligent people such as I understand who is superior between them

shion :-) 

TsumiMitzuki Nov 21, 2018

That's because Shion actually have a logical and more compelling reason to go insane.

Yuno only kills just because of some fantasy shit that will never happen in real life.