Aka: Second

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dirudiru Nov 12, 2016

Yanderes are fine,

yet Yuno is terrible.

Go watch a good show.

yullev Oct 22, 2016

glad ur dead xoxo

GenoStar Aug 30, 2016

I could care less about the series/plot of Mirai nikki (although it wasn't that bad despite the hate). Yuno gasai is Perfect to me. Her Love and loyalty are the best thing about her, I don't mind her jealous/murderous/possesive aspect of her. It's just another form of her affection. There were some disturbing things she did, but I overlooked them. she's highly intelligent and really cute! for the longest time i've liked her. Yukiteru doesn't deserve her.


gvbspx Aug 26, 2016

F♥♥♥king Yandere.